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December 19, 2014 | 27th Kislev 5775
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Recommended Music and Reading for Passover

Enliven your seder with these selections from URJ Books and Music!

1Entrée to Judaism: A Culinary Exploration of the Jewish Diaspora
Tina Wasserman

What we eat says so much about who we are and from where we come. Do you like your matzah brie sweet or savory? Is your chicken soup matzah ball or mulligatawny? Does your menu feature a cheese torta or a tofu salad? Wherever Jews have settled, they have adapted local tastes and ingredients to meet the needs of Shabbat and kashrut, creating a rich and diverse menu of flavors and styles, all still Jewish. In Entrée to Judaism, Tina Wasserman leads a culinary journey around the world and across the ages, from Spain to India, from Russia to Tunisia, sharing the histories and recipes of the great Diaspora communities and the many wonderful ways they have told their stories through food.

1The Matzah Ball Ferry
Written by Carla Heymsfeld
Illustrated by Vlad Guzner

When Frieda Pinsky uses some magic powder to help make the matzah balls for her Passover seder light and fluffy, it works too well.

1The Passover Story
Narrated by Theodore Bikel
Sung by The Western Wind

Theodore Bikel and The Western Wind Vocal Ensemble have teamed up to tell and sing the Passover story, providing a seamless, thoroughly entertaining adult recording which illuminates the Passover themes. The 20 selections include Hebrew folk melodies, classical European liturgical music, ancient Sephardic chants, Klezmer style improvisations, and traditional songs from the Seder.

Celebrate Passover (CD)
Produced by Craig Taubman

Celebrate Passover is a modern take on the story of Passover, as composed by some of contemporary Jewish music's most beloved artists. Hear the new song of Passover!

Passage to Pesach: Preparing for Passover through Text and Tradition
Frances Weinman Schwartz

Of all the Jewish holidays, Pesach ranks among the most popular - but there is more to it than matzah! This unique book encourages an enriched, text-based understanding of why we do what we do.

Pesach is a holiday that helps define Jews as individuals as well as a people. This book will help you discover your own place in the rich Pesach tradition by reflecting on the countless memories and applications afforded by Jewish custom. For individual or group study.


The Seder Activity Book
Written and Illustrated by Judy Dick

Here are 4 questions that occur at many Passover seder tables: Is it dinner yet?, What does this mean to me?, Why can't this be more fun?, and (again) is it dinner yet? The Seder Activity Book attempts to give an answer to these questions. With quiet games and activities that actively involve children in the Passover Seder, children will enjoy using their Seder Activity Book at their seats as they follow along with the leader. As they flip through the pages of the book they will learn all about the order of the Seder and the rituals associated with it.. They will delight in activities such as decorating a Seder invitation, completing dot-to-dots, and discovering why and how we celebrate Passover. Don?be surprised if this book doesn't just stay at the kid's table! Teachers can also make learning fun in the classroom by using this book to teach about Passover.

  • Appropriate for primary grades
  • Great for classroom and home use
  • Includes Hebrew vocabulary
  • Explains the symbols associated with the Seder
  • Follows the order of the 14 steps of the Seder

Songs from a Passover Haggadah (CD)
Sung by cantors

35 tracks featuring the music of the CCAR's 1974 Haggadah. All of the 'standards' of every Passover Seder, including liturgical and folk selections. Featuring Josee Wolff, Ena Freeman, Mary Feinsinger and Faith Gurney

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