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October 9, 2015 | 26th Tishrei 5776

URJ Greene Family Camp

Bruceville, TX

Camp George GardenGreene Family Camp led the way toward a more sustainable camping movement by hiring a full-time Sustainability Director for the summer of 2010. The Sustainability Director worked closely before and throughout the summer with campers and staff to plant a garden and expand environmental programming and education. The garden was a major focus for summer 2010 and a great success, yielding corn, fruit and other produce for camp barbeques and events. The garden brought everyone at camp into an environmental mindset and made sustainability a part of everyone's camp experience.

Greene WatermelonEveryone went green at Greene, with each bunk participating in greening activities, including an evening program for each cabin, outdoor services held in the garden, nature walks and other creative programs. The Sustainability Director also worked closely with staff from the existing zoo program to increase learning at the zoo and connect this to the environmental experience at camp.

On the operations/management side, Greene instituted a recycling program for the first time last summer, after much work to find a recycling company that could stop by camp for weekly pick-ups on an existing route. They continue working to reduce waste and refine their recycling program for future summers.


Greene Establishes Eco-Village with Kibbutz, Zoo, Garden and Orchard! GFC is pleased to announce the establishment of the Wise Academy Eco-Village, through which campers will produce their own food and explore the natural world in a more in-depth way. More

Greene continues to go green: Earth Night promoted environmental responsibility, which showed the campers they could be leaders when it comes to sustainability for their communities. More

Sustainability Man!
Now more than ever, Greene Family Camp is trying to go green. Luckily, they have their own superhero, Sustainability Man, to help educate everyone about best practices. Check out these fun and informative videos!

  • Episode One - Meet Sustainability Man
  • Episode Two - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Dr. Stevil is back! Can Sustainability Man and Green Gal save the day? 
  • Episode Three - Oh no! Dr. Stevil kidnapped Sustainability Man!

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