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October 6, 2015 | 23rd Tishrei 5776
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Funding Sources

"Going Green" takes some green. Although conservation saves energy and money, it's not always easy (or inexpensive) to get started. Funding is available for sustainable energy and reduced consumption, product innovation and homeowner subsidies.

Environmental Protection Agency Funding Homepage
A government-approved list of green building funding sources at the national, state and local levels for homeowners, industry, government organizations and nonprofits.

The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy and Efficiency provides a comprehensive list of funding opportunities available in most states and many localities throughout the country.

Energy Star
This joint program between the EPA and Department of Energy encourages use of efficient appliances, which conserve energy and reduce costs.

Foundation Center Sustainable Design Series
This five-piece series from the Foundation Center for non-profits moving towards sustainability includes ideas for funding.

Funding Green Buildings Toolkit
This website contains online resources, information about upcoming workshops, and a comprehensive greening manual available for purchase.

Kresge Foundation Green Building Initiative
The Kresge Foundation gives grants to non-profits instituting sustainable design initiatives. Religious organizations that are operated by or within religious institutions and serve secular needs, have space formally dedicated to their programs, and have financial and governing autonomy from their parent religious organization are eligible.


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