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October 8, 2015 | 25th Tishrei 5776
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Reform Movement Commission on Lifelong Jewish Learning

The Joint Commission on Lifelong Jewish Learning (CLJL) is a reflective, deliberative and collaborative coalition that advises its constituents on systemic issues that involve Jewish learning. The executive committee is made up of representatives from each of the primary bodies of the Commission who have Jewish education as their primary mission: URJ, HUC-JIR, NATE, CCAR, ECE-RJ and PARDeS. The CLJL is designed to meet the need for a structured, ongoing forum in which the overarching vision and priorities for Jewish education in the Reform Movement emerge.

Currently the primary focus of the commission is in the areas of; youth engagement, goals for Jewish education in the Reform Movement, Day School Education, and planning the Education Summit as part of the December 2011 Biennial. Members Commission members serve on task forces addressing each of these areas. 

The commission has done significant work in these areas that is now available to support and assist our congregations. Read more.

Bill Blumstein, Chair, representing the URJ
Lisa Lieberman Barzilai, Vice Chair, representing NATE
Rabbi Rob Nosanchuk, Vice Chair, representing the CCAR
Rabbi Sam Jospeh, Vice Chair, representing HUC
Shirley Gordon, Vice Chair, representing the URJ
Cantor Susan Bortnik, representing the ACC
Lisa Friedman, representing URJ
Rabbi Daniel Freelander, representing the URJ
Melissa Frey, representing NFTY
Rabbi Daniel Gropper, representing the CCAR
Jo Kay, representing HUC
Rabbi Jan Katzew, Former Director of the Commission
Cantor Allen Leider, representing the ACC
Deborah Niederman, representing NATE
William Norman, representing PARDeS
Cathy Rolland, representing ECE-RJ
Jane Rips, representing the URJ
Rabbi Bradley Solmsen, representing the URJ & CYE
Shari Luck Schneider, representing ECE-RJ
Katherine Schwartz, representing NATE
Marilynn Yentis, Past Chair, representing the URJ
Jane West Walsh
, representing PARDeS
Rabbi Lisa Tzur, representing NAC
Anne Berman Waldorf, representing NATE
Dr. Michael Zeldin, representing HUC

Taskforce Co-Chairs (members of the Executive Committee)

Access to Learning

Shelly Christensen
Lisa Friedman
Shirley Gordon
Rabbi Shira Joseph

Goals for Jewish Learning and Living
Rabbi Sam Joseph
Jane Rips
Beth Avner

Teen Engagement
Lisa Lieberman Barzilai
Rabbi Rob Nosanchuk
Jo Kay

2012 Annual Commission Meeting Presentations and Remarks
Notes from the 11th Annual Meeting




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