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October 4, 2015 | 21st Tishrei 5776

Talmud Torah: Affirming the Value of a Life of Jewish Learning

We are Reform Jews, dedicated to lifelong Jewish learning (Torat Chayim), and living in sacred covenant (brit) with the people (am) and God (Elohim) of Israel. We espouse belief in the following values that are manifest in actions intended to heal the world under God's sovereignty (L'taken Olam b'malchut Shaddai). Click on the links below to see commentary and add your own thoughts.

Aleinu – It is incumbent upon us to engage:


In order to become...
Jews who can express a theology that reflects understanding and appreciation of classical and contemporary Jewish thinkers.
Jews who live in Jewish time by celebrating Shabbat and chagim (festivals).
Jews who invest significant occasions in our lives (machzor hachayim) with specific Jewish meaning through traditional and innovative ritual practice.
Jews who fulfill the brit, the covenant, between God and the Jewish people through the practice of mitzvot, commandments.
Jews who understand, value and practice t'filah, prayer.
Jews who affirm the values of b'tzelem Elohim (being created in the divine image) and tikkun olam (mending the world) by commitment to tzedek (social justice), bal tashchit (environmental protection), chesed (acts of compassion), tzedakah (righteous giving), and k'vod ha-briot (diversity).


In order to become...
Jews who affirm their connections to Eretz Yisrael, (the land of Israel) and Medinat Yisrael (the State of Israel) through acts of identification (e.g., study about Israel, tzedakah, travel to Israel, study in Israel, aliyah, twinning with Reform kindergartens, schools and synagogues).
Jews who identify actively with Klal Yisrael, that share responsibility for Jewish life and Jews throughout the world (kol Yisrael areivin zeh ba-zeh).
Jews who see themselves as members of the Jewish people, inextricably bound to the past, present, and future of Am Yisrael (the people of Israel).
Jews who are knowledgeable about our peoples' past, and who derive meaning and comfort from the traditions we have inherited.
Jews who believe that the mission of the Jewish people includes being l'or goyim – a light to the nations of the world.
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