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October 10, 2015 | 27th Tishrei 5776
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The Adult Jewish Living and Learning Journeys Project

The Adult Jewish Living and Learning Journeys Project provides free units of study for adults in Reform congregations. Created with the help of a grant from the Covenant Foundation, the lessons are designed to be taught by either professionals or volunteer leaders. These units include:

  • Excellent lesson plans with a variety of learning activities
  • Solid background content that doesn’t overwhelm the teacher
  • A focus on meaningful segments of broad subjects
  • Interesting texts from a range of ancient and modern sources
  • A Reform Jewish perspective
  • A bibliography of resources for further study
  • Built-in time for adult students to reflect on the material and apply it to their own experiences.

Check back as additional units are rolled out!

Module 1: Praise the God of...
Lessons on Jewish Theology and Finding Your Place in It for Adult Reform Jewish Learners

Written by Debra Siroka, RJE with Rabbi Rifat Sonsino, PhD consulting, this four-lesson unit focuses on theology, guiding adult learners through the concepts of Creation, revelation and redemption as they reflect on and revise their own beliefs.

Module 2: The Way to the Heart of Judaism is Through the Stomach
Lessons on Jewish Food for the Cook and the Consumer

Here are eight lessons written by Debra Siroka, RJE with Chef Tina Wasserman consulting, all about Jewish food. Learn how Jewish law, ritual and migration have influenced Jewish cuisine as well as how Jewish cooking has influenced world cuisine. Comprehensive and easily taught by both professional and volunteer.

Module 3: Living Ethics: An Investigation of Reform Halachah through Case Studies
These six lessons written by Debra Siroka, RJE with Rabbi Mark Washofsky, PhD consulting take learners through the process of how Reform Jewish halachah evolves. Learners study particular cases of responsa (modern questions to and answers from the CCAR Responsa Committee), addressing issues from nuclear war to abortion to plastic surgery. This unit will prepare adult learners to continue their study of Reform responsa in an ongoing study group.

Module 4: Arba Kushiyot: Four Questions to Ponder about the Future of Reform Judaism
A project of the Reform Jewish Think Tank of the URJ, CCAR and HUC-JIR, these four lessons and accompanying videos (below) center around four questions: 1. What is the greatest contribution of Reform Judaism to Judaism? 2. Why are you a Reform Jew? 3. What is the greatest challenge of Reform Judaism? 4. What will facilitate the growth of Reform Judaism? The videos features Reform Jewish leaders answering these questions, and the lessons are meant to help participants come to their own conclusions. In order for our movement to grow stronger, we need an open conversation among the leaders of our national and international organizations and those in our synagogues and communities. These videos and companion study guide have been created as a way to begin the conversation and move all those affiliated with the Reform Movement toward dialogue.

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