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September 2, 2015 | 18th Elul 5775
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Using Packing for College

Once your congregation's Youth or College Committee, in concert with your staff, has determined that your congregation's teens and their parents will benefit from a college prep program, a number of decisions have to be made.

  • Will you offer a series of selected workshops or all nine?

  • Will you offer the youth-only sessions, the parent-only sessions, or a combination that best suits the needs of your particular community?

  • Will you limit the program to congregational members, or will you present it as a service to the broader community? Should you partner with other synagogues?

  • Will you hold the workshops in the synagogue, in someone's home, or at the JCC?

In order for the program to be successful, you will need to determine who "owns" it and is responsible for its implementation. While your Youth or College Committee is the natural sponsor, you may want to ask your Sisterhood or Brotherhood to cosponsor the program. You will want to be certain the appropriate team has been identified to handle all the details, including inviting facilitators, publicity, room logistics, and ordering supplies.

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