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October 4, 2015 | 21st Tishrei 5776

Technology Integration Questionnaire

Analysis (The Needs Assessment - How can technology help?)

Assess the curricular needs

How can the use of a technology tool enhance a curriculum?

Topics not taught because there is no way (or person) to teach them:


Will the use of the tool motivate students to learn?


Will students learn a new skill from the use of the tool?


How will the use of the tool fill the gap between what is known and what should be known?


Assess the specific situation

Available tools:


Of the tools listed, which will students and instructor be able to use?


How would the use of the instructional tool improve the learning environment in the classroom (for example, freeing the teacher to give more personalized instruction)?


Design (Determining appropriate strategies)

What do you want the student to be able to know and do?


How will you know that the student is successfully learning?


How will the tool assist the student in learning?


How will the use of the tool be organized - independent, pairs, groups...?


What instructional activities will you do both prior to and after the use of the tool?


Development (The Lesson Plan)

Needed materials and equipment:


Where will the lesson take place (e.g. classroom, library, computer lab)?


How many sessions will the equipment be needed (one time, long term...)?


Sequence of the actual lesson:


Alternative plans in case the students do not understand the information:


Implementation (The Lesson Checklist)

Set-up of equipment     _____
Test of equipment        _____
Demonstration of tool   _____
Run the lesson            _____

Evaluation (and Redesign)

Did the students understand and learn the information?


Were unexpected things learned?


Is the activity worth repeating?


Could the same learning be achieved in a different way?


What changes would you make?


Was the use of technology justified?



Written by Renee B. Rittner



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