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October 9, 2015 | 26th Tishrei 5776

Instructional Software Evaluation Checklist

Program ____________________        Publisher ____________________
Content _____________________      
Hardware ____________________

Function of Program

_____ Drill/Practice    _____ Simulation                 _____ Problem Solving

_____ Tutorial            _____ Instructional Game      _____ Other ( __________ )


_____ Educational objectives and user age level clearly listed
_____ Learning skills are described
_____ Screen shots illustrate content

Pedagogy/Educational Value

_____ Appropriate teaching strategy, experiences and readability for age level
_____ Graphics serve educational purpose and are not distracting
_____ Strategies to extend learning
_____ Screen content contains nothing that would confuse the learner
_____ Program will grow with student, many levels and enough content
_____ Feedback reinforces content and is not abusive or insulting
_____ Program is an accurate depiction of the real world
_____ Learner's ideas, values and creativity can be incorporated
_____ User has high degree of control of program: speed, rate, experience
_____ Software seems new and exciting with each use
_____ Speech and sound used to enhance learning, but can be turned off


_____ Accurate and up-to-date
_____ Spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct
_____ Content is bias-free, or illustrates a sense of moral and ethical issues

Ease of Use/Flexibility

_____ Students can use program independently on the first try
_____ Keys, menus and icons are accessible and intuitive
_____ Printing is simple
_____ Learner has some control over settings and experiences of program
_____ Additional materials (textbook, teacher guide, etc.) are available
_____ Instructions can be viewed onscreen
_____ Easy to manipulate through the program
_____ Easy to install
_____ Learner knows if an error has been made

Student Proof

_____ Quick response to the student's actions
_____ Opening sequence can be bypassed
_____ Student can only access courseware functions, not programming
_____ If a key is pounded or held down only one input occurs


_____ Makes learning fun, meaningful and interesting with every use
_____ Captivates a range of learning styles and broad age groups
_____ Events are randomly generated and not repeated with each use

Adapted by Renee B. Rittner (12/19/02) from:
Roblyer, M.D. and J. Edwards (2000). Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching (2nd edition) . Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill.
Phipps, Anita, M.Ed., Technology Leadership in Schools, online course offered by the University of Missouri-Columbia 

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