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The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC) seeks a talented and experienced Senior Organizer to join the team of those who are redefining Jewish social justice in the Reform Movement– the largest Jewish denomination in North America – for the 21st century. This individual will ensure the RAC takes effective action and meaningfully engages the Reform Movement to achieve its bold vision for a better world in three ways:

  • Take a leading role in a statewide initiative of the Reform Movement in New York by guiding top lay and clergy leaders and the congregations they lead in the work of community organizing; advocacy; systemic social and economic change; building power across lines of race, class, and faith; advancing the moral, ethical, and justice priorities of the Reform Movement; training future Jewish clergy and leaders to work for justice; and creating vital and transformative Jewish life.
  • Guide the RAC’s campaign for racial justice through a national, Reform Movement-wide effort to: develop strategies to leverage the full strength of the Reform Jewish Movement; partner in coalition with People of Color led organizations; build a campaign infrastructure to win local and state-level reform; support the team of Reform Jewish grassroots leaders to transform the Movement and lead a groundbreaking, effective campaign to scale
  • Mentor, train, and coach staff and rabbinical student community organizing interns, developing current and future leaders in of the organized, progressive Jewish community

The goals of this work are to improve the lives of New Yorkers through public policy change that promotes justice and equality for all New Yorkers, strengthen Jewish life through engagement in community-wide justice efforts, and deepen the power and purpose of the Reform Movement’s pursuit of Tikkun Olam, world repair, through a national and ongoing campaign for Racial Justice.

The Senior Organizer will work with clergy and lay leaders to:

  • Engage New York Reform Jews and other interested Jewish constituencies in strategic listening, research, and action campaigns to discern the issues that are in their hearts and the campaigns that are ripe for action that will move our country closer to equality, justice, and opportunity for all.
  • Develop broad networks of powerful and strategic constituencies within the Reform Movement: clergy, youth, young adults, synagogue members, future clergy (Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion students), HUC-JIR faculty and community, through ongoing leadership development and skills training as they engage in campaigns.
  • Build relationships and partner across lines of race, class, and faith in the strategy-setting and actions of effective coalitions.
  • Choose local, state-level and/or national coalitions to partner on campaigns that will improve the lives of vulnerable populations in New York and the country
  • Involve Reform Jews in broad strategies such as petitions, call-in days, and coordinated legislative visits.
  • Develop innovative messaging and communications that further campaign goals and motivate Reform Jews to engage in social justice and the RAC’s campaigns
  • Promote the personal spiritual transformation that leads to activism by creating powerful moments and experiences that connect justice campaigns to Torah, Jewish ritual, holidays, and tradition.
  • Learn about and relate to the broader justice and congregational community of New York, including both Jewish organization leaders and leaders across lines of race, class, and faith in order to be able to do a clear power analysis of New York and build enough power to make significant social and economic change.
  • Work with administration at HUC-JIR to develop and teach coursework that will train future clergy in the art and skills of organizing and advocating for social justice; identify rabbinic student interns who will help support the efforts of the RAC and mentor and supervise those interns.
  • As a member of the RAC Organizing/Field staff team, this individual can also expect to participate in (to varying degrees):

The planning and implementation of the annual and bi-annual URJ and RAC national gatherings and conferences, weekly staff and supervisory meetings, work with rabbinical interns, general fundraising strategies, strategic planning, Reform Movement social justice visioning, evaluation of RAC work, and building relationships with other partners in the Reform Movement. 


  • Campaign Strategy Development – ability to develop and run campaigns to win legislative and corporate policy change at the local, state, and federal level.
  • Relationship Building – ability to develop strong public relationships with senior rabbis, elected officials, press, funders, and leaders of powerful coalitions as well as the ability to create productive relationships with clergy of all faiths, lay leaders, community organizers, and Jewish professionals.
  • Teaching – ability to teach others, particularly to train and mentor them to be able to become leaders and teachers of congregation based community organizing efforts.
  • Leadership Development – can effectively create and develop a network of leaders who in turn develop their own networks of leaders; ability to assess and develop potential talent.
  • Facility with Public Policy – skills to analyze legislative proposals in the context of Reform Movement policies and priorities
  • Understanding of Politics – ability to think strategically, do a power analysis, and understanding the dimensions of power at work in the public square.
  • Imagination – able to envision what might be possible, and to engage in creative and critical thinking with others.
  • Evaluation – ability to reflect and evaluate; self-reflection as well as the ability to evaluate the performance of others and their activities.
  • Expression – ability to communicate in oral and written form.


  • Five years’ experience developing and running campaigns at the local, state, and/or federal level.
  • Passion for social and economic justice, with a particular focus on the role of congregations in social change.
  • Commitment to our mission of empowering people everywhere to win campaigns on the critical issues of our times.
  • Desire to be part of a collaborative team and ability to help the team be greater than the sum of its parts.
  • A proactive inclination to propose innovative ways to impact issues and engage congregants, clergy, and teens in our campaigns.
  • Love of Jewish community and an appreciation of synagogues’ ability to transform individuals and communities. Familiarity with Reform Judaism and Reform Jewish community.
  • Strong willingness to take risks, to fail and to adapt.


The Senior Organizer will be supervised by the RAC’s Director of Organizing.


Please send salary requirement with cover letter and resume to; Subject: Senior Organizer.

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
New York , NY
Advocacy/Social Action/Outreach
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Full Time
Close Date: 
Friday, September 15, 2017