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October 4, 2015 | 21st Tishrei 5776

Comments from Donors to the Haiti Disaster Relief Fund

Along with the incoming donations, we have received many supportive and heartwarming notes. Here are just a few.

"I appreciate the role that the URJ is playing in bringing assistance to the unfortunate people of Haiti."

"My husband and I want to help support the Haiti Relief Fund and we feel it is important for the Reform community to be part of this effort. Enclosed is a check for $100.00 to be added to the Fund. The situation is so dire we only hope those poor people can be saved further disaster."

"My grand-daughter... will be celebrating her birthday on 1/29. She recently said to me "Grandma, please don't give me a gift for this birthday. Give the money to the poor, suffering Haitian children. They need a "ray of hope," a small light at the end of a long, dark tunnel! Here's a check in her honor."

"In the coming months I shall strive to provide additional support through this organization. I feel that it is important to provide this help to these unfortunate victims. In addition, making my contribution through a Jewish organization is very meaningful. In this way the United States Jews can show their compassion and concern for all of the victims."

"Please accept these two donations for Haiti relief. We know that you will make good judgments about where to best apply this money."

"Please accept my enclosed check for $25 for the Reform Judaism Haiti Relief Fund. I wish I were able to send a much larger contribution, but I am 84 years old, living on a modest pension and even that was cut considerably because of the current recession. But I was appalled by the TV and press reports of the horror that has hit Haiti. My prayers to God are for the recovery of the Haitian people."

"Enclosed if a check for Haiti Disaster Relief.  The URJ is one of the few organizations that I have faith in not keeping donations for a bloated Bureaucracy."

"As always, we are so proud of the response of the URJ, of its constituent organizations and of all of us in the Reform Movement."



Myrna Pollack

January 28, 2010
12:01 PM

Director of Education, Congregation Beth Emeth Wilmington, DE

Our school held a pajama day last Sunday. Anyone bringing in $1.00 had the opportunity to wear their pajamas to class. A total of 189 students participated and we collected $472.00 for Haiti. With a little extra help, we have sent a check to you for $500.00. Collecting and sending money through the URJ was the idea of one of our 10th graders! Our students know they are truly fortunate!


Jerry Z

February 6, 2010
02:36 PM

I was planning a large celebration for my 65th birthday. When I saw the devastation I remembered the Haitian worker I saw in a cane field. He was working from sun up to sun down in 100* heat of the Dominican cutting cane with a machete. He earned $8/day and sent $6 home for his family. Now his home and family may be gone. I sent the money I was going to spend on my celebration to Haiti relief. It was the best present I ever gave myself.


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