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October 4, 2015 | 21st Tishrei 5776

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's about the Jacobs' Ladder Project.

Q. Will you accept used or new clothing?

A.Unfortunately we are not able to accept any clothing at this time. The need is not present in the communities we are providing goods to, and they are just not asking us for it when they ask for supplies. If this changes, we will add it to the website.

Q. What should we send to Jacobs’ Ladder

A. The items that are needed and can be distributed in the area change regularly. Please check the most recent list on the website at to find out what is currently being accepted.

Q. Do we need to let anyone know about a truck our congregation is sending?

A. YES. Please call 601-519-3165 or email to let us know you have a truck and to schedule a delivery time. Trucks not scheduled will not be accepted until we have the proper staff to unload the truck and space for the supplies.

Q. What types of food are most needed?

A.There are no specific types of food, but we would suggest canned fruits and vegetables, and high protein products (e.g. tuna and canned pasta meals). We would absolutely love to have an inventory list sent prior to the shipment arriving - this will help us to know how many people we need to make sure are available to help out and also will help to know how the truck is packed.

Q. We want to send items to the camp, but can’t find a truck. What do you recommend?

A.Several congregations have successfully partnered with the United Way in their community obtain support in the shipping of items. In other cases, congregations have partnered with one another to have a single truck make multiple pick-ups – your regional office may know of congregations in your region that have a truck available to make an additional stop. If you are unable to send items by truck, you can ship items directly to the warehouse. Go to and click on “shipping instructions.”

Q. How do I get directions to the warehouse?

A.After you confirm your shipment and delivery schedule with the Jacobs’ Ladder Team (, we will send you the directions. We must be able to coordinate deliveries so they arrive at times when the loading dock is available and we have enough volunteers to unload them.

Q. Can I give money to directly to the Jacobs’ Ladder project, instead of sending goods?

A. The Jacobs’ Ladder project is being fully supported through donations of goods by congregations and by the Union’s Disaster Relief Fund. Donations to the Relief Fund are welcome, but cannot be designated for only this purpose. For information about this and other allocations from the Relief Fund go to:

Q. How can I find out about volunteering for Jacobs’ Ladder? Can I volunteer on specific dates?

A. For volunteer information go to We ask that volunteers plan to come for an entire week, making your travel arrangements for sundays. Please note the health considerations for volunteers: there is a great deal of lifting, so volunteers need to have strength and sturdy backs. Questions? E-mail

Q. If I volunteer, how do I get to the camp? Will I need a car?

A.Volunteers will be picked up and dropped off at the Jackson, MS airport. Transportation between the camp and warehouse for work shifts will be taken care of. If you need to do any other travel during the time you are with us, you will likely need your own car. Please consult with the volunteer coordinator to discuss special arrangements or needs.

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