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October 9, 2015 | 26th Tishrei 5776
Educational Resources

The Prayer Books, They Are A'Changin'
Rabbi Elliot L. Stevens
[ Reprinted from the Summer 2006 issue of Reform Judaism ( ]

In 150 years, the Reform Movement has produced a number of prayer books, each reflecting its times. Still, every new version sparked controversy. Will "the people's prayer book" buck this legacy and be embraced by all?

Second only to the Torah, the siddur (prayer book) expresses the ideology of our people. But because it changes over time and is the book that people regularly read and use, it defines and unifies us even more than the Torah. In the Reform Movement, each new prayer book--despite the almost inevitable controversies that accompany its publication--has served to unify hundreds of congregations throughout North America, as well as Reform Jews everywhere. [Read more]

Delving Into the Liturgy:
Educational Resources for Mishkan T'filah from 10 Minutes of Torah

Introduction to the 10 Minutes of Torah devoted to liturgy
Rabbi Joan Glazer Farber
10 Minutes of Torah: Delving into T’filah
has been in development for several years as the Reform Movement prepared for the publication of Mishkan T’filah by the Central Conference of American Rabbis. When many congregations piloted Mishkan T’filah , they included discussions of liturgy and prayer in the process. Questions continue to be raised regarding the role of prayer, both communal and private, the meaning of specific prayers, the relationship between liturgy and modern theological concepts and the connection between the written liturgy and how it is articulated in communal worship. Delving into T’filah is designed to open the world of Jewish liturgy to the readers of 10 Minutes of Torah.
[Read more]

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Current Issues in Reform Worship
Studying Mishkan T'filah

Entering Mishkan T'filah: A Three-Session Study Module
A module designed to enable professional and volunteer synagogue leaders to conduct classes that will introduce and orient adult congregants to the new prayer book of the Reform Movement.


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