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October 8, 2015 | 25th Tishrei 5776
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Congregation Size--Attendance Level

  1. ...why do most of those who post here say how many families their temple counts as members?

  2. Sometimes smaller congregations handle issues differently from larger ones. Therefore, knowing the size of the congregation that is answering the question can be very helpful. Smaller congregations tend to have more issues handled by volunteers. Larger congregations usually have more staff and issues may get handled differently.

    For example, with the recent question regarding daily minyan, the number of people attending compared to the size of the congregation might help other congregations determine whether or not they should even consider starting a daily minyan.

    600 households

  3. Congregations come in all sizes and shapes. Services a congregation can offer its membership sometimes depend on resources. Knowing the size of a congregation gives others a basis for comparison and a means to judging whether their congregation can try to implement certain programs that a congregation of similar size has already implemented. Just as the Union Biennials offer workshops geared to delegates that represent congregations of small, medium, and large size.

  4. Sept 2007 Digest 189

          Networking is what it’s all about. Food also helps boost attendance. Feed them and they shall come works. A few people making calls saying they will be there and asking other to join them works. Don't give out lists but ask a selected group of people to tell you who they would like to call. These are their friends and that will give a better response. It’s more work for you up front but should yield a better result. The more you have making the calls the better.


    600 Families
  5. Sept 2007 Digest 189

                In [our city] we have a wonderful, and maybe unique situation. We have four liberal (Reform, Reconstructionist) congregations. The size of the congregations runs from 75 family units to over 1000. On the Festivals we have joint services, often followed by a luncheon. The clergy seem able to share the bimah, and all take part in every service. We thereby have a decent, not depressing, attendance, and also an opportunity to see people we don't ordinarily see. It has truly been a success…I recommend it.


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