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August 30, 2015 | 15th Elul 5775
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Holocaust Resources


  1. March 2007 Digest 041

                …HUC's Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education in Cincinnati…has a lot of resources at its disposal. []

  2. March 2007 Digest 041

                Check out It is the site for the Safe Haven museum, which highlights the experiences of the 882 refugees that the US brought to Fort Ontario in Oswego NY in 1944. They were the only refugees (primarily, but not totally Jewish) that the US brought into our country during the Shoah.

  3. March 2007 Digest 041

                You can find readings if you Google Holocaust readings or Holocaust poetry. You can go to the Yad Vashem website, check out various Machzors (Martorolgy Service YK afternoon), and try translations of some of the early Israeli poets like Bialik.


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  4. March 2007 Digest 041

                Here are a few links to resources on the Internet that might be useful.


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