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October 4, 2015 | 21st Tishrei 5776
Music Resources


  1. April 2007 Digest 062

                [For helping lay leadership out with a Shabbat service book with CD that demonstrates the service including tunes including Lecha Dodi, Barchu, Hatzi Kaddish, Amidah, Torah service, etc.,] Gates of Song (from Transcontinental Music) does this comprehensively--it is the musical volume that accompanies Gates of Prayer. More recent repertory may be found in the three volumes (to date) of the Shabbat Anthology (Transcon).

  2. April 2007 Digest 062

                There are quite a few good sources of music. In my attempts to find the music already familiar to a particular congregation, I had to rummage through a number of anthologies.

                The Complete Shireinu published by Transcontinental Music was particularly helpful as was the Gates of Song.

                Zamru Lo The Next Generation Congregational Melodies for Shabbat compiled and Edited by Cantor Jeffrey Shiovitz, published by Cantors Assembly filled in a lot of bits.

                Another helpful anthology: Siddur in Song 100 Prayerbook Melodies by Velvel Pasternak

                Two websites that I found to be quite helpful were the transcontinental music website and

  3. April 2007 Digest 062

                …I would also recommend sending lay leaders to any of the programming sponsored by the URJ Dept. of Worship, Music and Religious Living ( There are regional and national study opportunities.


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