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October 10, 2015 | 27th Tishrei 5776
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Purim and Purim Shpiels

  1. Our most recent two spiels were A WESTERN ESTHER and A CORPORATE ESTHER. This year, we've shifted our parody genre to the Book of Ruth, and on the eve of Shavuot we're presenting that epic in the form of FIDDLING WITH RUTH. Same idea - different plot - hopefully equally enjoyable for all, cast and audience.


  2. This year, we did a Dinner theater style Purim Spiel. We used Roth's The M'gillah According to Broadway, and modified toward "Berkeley" standards... Our "Virgins" were all past and present presidents, and they were great sports, dressing in all types of costumes (!)

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  3. This year for the first time our congregation added a few songs of the "Beatles M'gillah" to our (young family friendly) Purim service, there were many comments that it was hard if not impossible to hear the words of the songs...but I think it was an issue of our musicians being overly "amped" while our singers weren't close enough to the microphones. We had the words of the songs printed on the service "booklets" so that the congregation could at least read and sing the words if not hear the choir.

    Grogger control is always an issue but we've tried a few small things that seem to help a bit.

    1. Having stop and go signs that one or two older kids/teens hold up at the appropriate times while standing in a prominent place on the bimah.
    2. Giving them a chance for "practice", our Rabbi did this quite effectively this year, actually walking them through when they are to use the grogger and when not. He also uses a particularly large wooden grogger himself & spins it like crazy at the appropriate times, essentially being the "grogger leader".
    Our service is also kept very short as at least half of the congregants are very young, getting them out early and thus not overly tired means that they can focus and follow the directions a bit better than if we tried to keep them at it until 9pm.

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