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August 28, 2015 | 13th Elul 5775
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Synagogue Twinning

  1. I am considering developing a "sister-synagogue" relationship with a Progressive synagogue in Israel. I am already in contact with one, and hope to present this concept to my board of trustees once I have a clear concept in place. I see many potential benefits for both communities. Jerry

  2. Contact the World Union in New York at 212.452.6530 [for] twinning projects between North American congregations and members of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ). Bill

  3. We have a sister synagogue which is outside Jerusalem. [The] rabbi has visited our synagogue several times, and members of our congregation have visited there. We have assisted in fund raising for their new building.

    Another benefit from the sister synagogue relationship can be found in our religious school where students have been communicating with students [from the sister synagogue]. They have shared stories and pictures, and more than even I know. If you would like more details, we can give them to you.



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