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October 13, 2015 | 30th Tishrei 5776
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Technology in Worship

  1. At Willow Creek Church, which gets 15,000 people to services over the weekend, rather than prayer books, the material where the congregation is expected to join is projected on a screen.

    I suggested once that the day would come when we would be doing something similar to the supertitles we get at the opera in our temples. Two rabbis who were in the group said in a single breath; Never in my temple! Well, James Levine for years said, Never in my opera house! -- but the Metropolitan now has them.

    I not too long ago attended LaBoheme at the Lyric Opera here in Chicago. It was probably my tenth LaBoheme, but my first with supertitles -- and accordingly, the first where I could laugh at the jokes. Supertitles have made an ENORMOUS difference in my enjoyment of opera. Why wouldn't something similar enrich the worship experience for those who don't know Hebrew?

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