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October 6, 2015 | 23rd Tishrei 5776
Virtual Shul


  1. June 2007 Digest 104

                …the concept is not entirely new. Jewish Digest published an article about thirty-five years ago suggesting how congregants, attending an actual Shabbat service, could use a device with headphones and a keypad, reminiscent of the device used at meetings of the UN General Assembly to choose in which of five languages one would hear the speeches, to choose what kind of music, topic for sermon, length of service, etc., one would like to attend....

  2. June 2007 Digest 104

                …it might be very enticing to a group of Jews that we just can't seem to get in the door. It might be a way to entice people to actually come to a brick and mortar synagogue…

                I have heard many times that as long as you have a minyan then you have a community, but a minyan only on Shabbat is not enough.  When you are in a worship service and the sanctuary is filled it is a wonderful communal experience. Where is everybody?

                If we have to meet them in a chat room, then let's do it.  Maybe they will show up on our doorstep and for longer than 13 years to put the kid through religious school.

                The digital age is upon us and it is affecting us in ways we can barely comprehend…I see the impact it is having on young people and their ability to write and speak in an effective manner, and to a large extent, how they socialize with other people. We can fight this technology tide, or maybe, try to make it work for us…


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