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October 6, 2015 | 23rd Tishrei 5776
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Worship With Joy

A Guide to Sustaining Communal Worship
—New and Expanded—

Providing for and sustaining meaningful communal worship is at the core of a congregation’s responsibilities to its members. Union member congregations differ in their worship styles, reflecting the uniqueness of their communities. The process outlined in the Iv’du B’simchah: Worship with Joy materials is not meant to change that. Rather, it is intended to support and guide your congregation through communal study about, reflection on and experimentation with worship. Our hope is that through such a process, you will discover how you can better define and fulfill your own aspirations for communal worship.

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The Iv'du B'simchah—Worship with Joy Advance Readings, including the music for Session 8, are available online at the "Let Us Learn: Readings" page. The seventeen sessions of the book's "Let Us Learn" chapter are available below as the chapter titled "Let Us Learn--Sessions 1--17."


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