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October 31, 2014 | 7th Cheshvan 5775

Where friends become family (no matter where you park your car)

July 11, 2013

The Clipboard: News from the URJ Youth, Camp & Israel Programs

July 11, 2013 | 4 Av 5773

The Fight For Equality: A Life Changing Experience In Alabama 
Mitzvah Corps New Orleans

On a recent trip to Atlanta, Mitzvah Corps New Orleans participants learned about the history of the civil rights movement and how the Jewish community was involved. They saw the impact of individuals in the fight for equality, and committed themselves to this important work. Read more »
Where Friends Become Family (No Matter Where You Park) cat-camps2
URJ Camp Harlam

The bonds formed at camp are strong and last a lifetime. Whether you are a camper, staff member, parent of a camper, or all of the above, you are part of the close-knit family that is the camp community.  This family is far-reaching, and you never know when or where you’ll run into one of your "relatives." Read more »
A Week Of 'Firsts' On NFTY In Israel 
NFTY in Israel is a trip full of firsts, with new places, things and people. It's powerful for participants and staff alike; even those who have been to Europe and Israel before are able to see history differently through the eyes of a new generation.

Chaperone Harry Levy accompanies NFTY in Israel teens on Prague adventure
Rosanne Selfon reflects on concentration camp visit: Forever changed, forever Jewish

L'dor V'dor, We Protect This Chain cat-camps2
URJ Camp Coleman

For many URJ Camps alumni, the camp experience is one that spans generations. For some, like Coleman alum Jeff Reisman, camp is an integral part of their family history. Jeff’s camp story started when he was just four years old, and it continues today as his sons continue the tradition of summers in Georgia. Read more »
Where Did You Go To Camp? cat-camps2
URJ Goldman Union Camp Institute (GUCI)

Camp truly is a support group. There is an instinctual bond between campers, tied by shared experience, which cannot be explained or rationalized. It simply exists, and it creates an incredibly close community. It is a community in which everyone feels comfortable and safe and trusted. Read more »
If Kutz Could Tell Its Own Story... cat-camps2
URJ Kutz Camp

Have you ever thought about all of the memories that each camp holds? Every person who walks through the gates of a URJ camp becomes part of the story. Your moments of memory, added to all of those already created, renew these sacred spaces over and over again. Read more »
A Rabbi Who Plays Rugby? cat-camps2
URJ 6 Points Sports Academy

Serving on faculty at 6 Points Sports Academy is a unique experience for a rabbi. Instead of teaching classes, leading services and counseling, their job is to get to know the campers and build relationships with them. One rabbi is also taking the opportunity to show the campers that rabbis are people, too. Read more »
The Supreme Court: Overnight Edition 
RAC Machon Kaplan summer social action internship

Living in Washington, DC for the summer provides many once in a lifetime opportunities for Machon Kaplan participants. Last week, twenty of them camped out overnight in the hopes of being admitted to the Supreme Court to hear the rulings on major cases that were being decided, and they got the ticket. Read more »
Why I Am The Luckiest Adult On The Planet cat-camps2
URJ Camp Harlam

As a teacher and parent, Steffi Belitsky could be spending the summer relaxing at home. Instead, she’s working as Camp Harlam’s Communication Coordinator and enjoying every minute of it. Steffi feels like the luckiest adult on the planet. She sees the absolute joy every day at camp brings campers and staff. Read more »


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