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October 22, 2014 | 28th Tishrei 5775

The Clippy Awards: Celebrating the summer

August 22, 2013

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August 22, 2013 | 16 Elul 5773

We rounded up the top ten most popular blog posts of the summer and asked our Facebook fans to vote for their favorites. Without further ado, here are the winners of the first-ever Clippy Awards!

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It's Hard To Be Good: Giving the Gift of Life cat-camps2
URJ Crane Lake Camp

Last summer, Jeff Schwartz had his cheek swabbed by the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry when they visited Crane Lake. He was told there was about a 2% chance that he would be a potential donor, and went back to normal college life...until he was presented with a life-saving decision. Read more »
Bringing Together Jewish Musicians From Across the World cat-camps2
Hava Nashira at URJ Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute (OSRUI)

Imagine a place where individuals from across the globe  and across the URJ and Ramah camping systems  join together for the same purpose: to create music and learn from one another. For Rachel, Hava Nashira has been the place to experiment and grow, and her fifth experience at the conference was no different. Read more »
dangottpopThe Gift That Keeps On Giving cat-camps2
URJ Greene Family Camp

Two weeks into her first summer at camp, Jessica Dangott got called to the front office. When she saw her mother and brother in the doorway, she knew it was not good news  her grandfather, who had gifted her this summer at camp, had died. That's when her mom asked: "So, do you want to come home?" Read more »
You Never Know: A Lesson From Rabbi Rick Jacobs cat-camps2
URJ Henry S. Jacobs Camp

When Union for Reform Judaism President Rabbi Rick Jacobs visited Jacobs Camp, he reminded staff about what makes Jewish camp special. One small moment is all it takes to transform a shy, timid camper into a confident young person that craves to learn and interact more with their Judaism. Read more and watch the video »
 appointinganftyleaderAppointing a NFTY Leader To The URJ Board cat-nfty2

A brilliant scholar is quoted to have said, “Blessed is the generation in which the old listen to the young; and doubly blessed is the generation in which the young listen to the old.” This ideal was brought to during Shabbat at the URJ board meeting, where the outgoing NFTY President was elected to the board. Read more »
notaloneinthenegevNot Alone In The Negev: Understanding Where We Come From cat-israel2
NFTY in Israel

After spending four emotional and intense days in the desert, NFTY in Israel teens felt more in touch with themselves, each other and their shared history. They conquered fears, strengthened friendships and overcame obstacles, both physical and emotional, and emerged united. Read more »
Where Friends Become Family (No Matter Where You Park) cat-camps2
URJ Camp Harlam

The bonds formed at camp are strong and last a lifetime. Whether you are a camper, staff member, parent of a camper, or all of the above, you are part of the close-knit family that is the camp community.  This family is far-reaching, and you never know when or where you’ll run into one of your "relatives." Read more »
Packing A Little Extra For Camp cat-camps2
URJ Camp Kalsman

When we pack for camp, we fit a lot of things into our suitcases. We remember white clothes for Shabbat, a swimsuit, towels, sunscreen and a raincoat. We even find room to throw in a favorite stuffed animal. This summer, Camp Kalsman is also challenging campers to find a little space to pack something for someone else. Read more »
Waking Up A World Away cat-mitzvahcorps
Mitzvah Corps Nicaragua

A few weeks ago, 17 teens set out to make life easier for residents of a small town in Nicaragua and form a lasting relationship between their Jewish community and the town. They discovered a simpler life, and what a difference a group of dedicated teenagers can make to an entire community. Read more »
 avisionandamilestoneA Vision And A Milestone: Daryl and Jim's Sleepover cat-camps2
URJ Camp Newman

Seven years ago, the Camp Newman board of directors initiated a process that would result in a vision to strengthen camp by renovating its home. That vision has become a reality. Even board member Daryl Messinger, who said for years that she would never sleep at camp, had a recent sleepover in the new cabins. Read more »


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