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October 24, 2014 | 30th Tishrei 5775

Reflecting on a summer of growth & learning

September 12, 2013

The Clipboard: News from the URJ Youth, Camp & Israel Programs

September 12, 2013 | 8 Tishrei 5774

apples and honey 
What's Your Rosh HaShanah Resolution? cat-camps2
URJ Greene Family Camp (GFC)

Campers and staff members at Greene Family Camp go on record to share their personal goals for 5774. From being kinder to others, to working harder at school, to making the world a more vibrant and colorful place, the members of the GFC community have big plans for the new year. Read more »
Not Your Everday Camp Stuff cat-camps2
URJ Camp Coleman

At camp, we need time to toss the frisbee, hit the pool or lake and simply unwind in our bunks among our loving friends. But there is always more to learn, always more we can give, always more we can share. One rabbi reflects on the unexpected lessons from his summer on faculty at Camp Coleman. Read more »
Why Accept A Job That Is Guaranteed To Break Your Heart? cat-israel2
NFTY in Israel

Getting to know a new group of North American teenagers each summer can be difficult for staff. Leaving them when the summer comes to an end is even harder. But, it's all worth it to see them fall in love with Israel and experience their Judaism in a new and different way. Read more »
Campers Take Action Against Hunger cat-camps2
URJ Eisner Camp, URJ Crane Lake Camp & URJ Greene Family Camp

When MAZON's Youth Outreach Coordinator visited several URJ camps to teach a hunger advocacy program, she was impressed by the thoughtful letters campers wrote to President Obama urging him to protect hungry kids and their families. The campers were eager to take action. Read more »
Shabbat in Israel 
Standing Where All Jews Around The World Are Facing cat-israel2
NFTY-EIE High School in Israel

Spending the semester in Israel on NFTY-EIE is a once in a lifetime opportunity for teenagers to form friendships, learn, and try new things. It's the chance to experience Judaism in a different way, to live among history and feel connected to Jews all around the world. Read more »
Camp Kalsman 
Wherever You Roam, Kalsman Is Home cat-camps2
URJ Camp Kalsman

Each summer, campers return to camp a year older, a year more mature, and a year more connected to a community that is so much more than a summer experience. They carry camp in their hearts wherever they go, upholding the ruach and values of their home away from home. Read more »
Eisner Community 
Third Year Rabbinical Student...And First-Time Camper cat-camps2
URJ Eisner Camp

Whether your first year at camp is in elementary school or rabbinical school, you will inevitability become enveloped in the magic of the community. Each person, camper or staff member, has so much to teach and contribute, and everyone is valued, encouraged and empowered. Read more »
Making an Impact 
The Long-Term Impact of Hurricane Sandy cat-mitzvahcorps
Urban Mitzvah Corps New Jersey

Those who lived outside the path of Hurricane Sandy could only see the devastation on the news. When Mitzvah Corps teens helped affected communities rebuild this summer, they saw the effects of the storm firsthand. As they worked alongside displaced homeowners, they learned the true power of tikkun olamRead more »
Newman Shabbat 
The Many Blessings of Jewish Summer Camp cat-camps2
URJ Camp Newman on the RJ Blog

Camp is a place of many blessings. We strive to create a living, breathing Jewish community in which adults and youth together realize how our traditions and texts are sacred vessels to bring meaning into their lives, to help them build sacred community, and to improve the world. Read more »
Only the Beginning 
This Is Only The Beginning cat-camps2
URJ Camp Harlam

Camp Director Aaron Selkow reflects on the concept of "the end" of the summer. In his mind, every ending is a new beginning and each new experience, lesson learned and friendship made should be a starting place in the year to come. By integrating elements of camp into daily life, it never really ends. Read more »


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