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October 25, 2014 | 1st Cheshvan 5775

Camp vs. school... Sometimes it looks the same

October 17, 2013

The Clipboard: News from the URJ Youth, Camp & Israel Programs

October 17, 2013 | 13 Cheshvan 5774

Camp and School 
Camp vs. School...Sometimes It Looks The Same cat-camps2
URJ Camp Coleman

Returning to camp for an 8th grade retreat 
shortly after the summer had ended, Nadiv Educator Sara Beth Berman realized that camp and school don't always have to look so different. It wasn't just that the place was the same, but so were the values being instilled in bright young minds. Read more »
Asking Big Questions: Science, Judaism & A New Camp cat-camps2
URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy

When Assistant Director Robbie Berg tells his friends and family that he is working at a Jewish science and technology camp, the question he is most often asked is: "How do those relate?" For Robbie, it's a natural pairing. The core foundation of both, after all, is asking questions. Read more »
Round Challah: Looking Back At How NFTY Changed Me cat-nfty2

One former NFTYite reflects on her Jewish journey, and the impact of her time on regional board. She shares a story of growth and how she has redefined what it means to be Jewish in different stages of her life. Sometimes it means going to services, and sometimes it means baking round challah for friends. Read more »
Harlam Day Camp 
A Camp Director Without A Camp cat-camps2
URJ Harlam Day Camp

As summer approached, Eytan Graubart felt a little lost. Although he had recently accepted the position of Director of the URJ's Harlam Day Camp, he would be spending this summer without a camp to direct. Instead of feeling left out and disconnected, he became part of the Harlam community and was changed for the better. Read more »
Finding Faith In An Unlikely Place cat-israel2
NFTY in Israel on 

When a group of 45 teens visited Auschwitz-Birkenau on a hot day in July, they found themselves struggling with mixed emotions. But, with inspiration from rabbis past and present, the group came away with a strong sense of faith. They realized that through our collective experience and faith, our people live on. Read more »
Conquering Masada cat-israel2
NFTY-EIE High School in Israel

When EIE students travel to Masada, they begin a very exhausting day at a very early hour. In fact, it's often still dark as they approach the mountain after a two hour bus ride. But watching the sunrise atop Masada can make even the least eager hikers feel like it was worth the morning climb. Read more »
I Fell In Love At The URJ Biennial cat-camps2
Union for Reform Judaism

Adena Kemper is preparing for her upcoming wedding to NFTY alum Sean Blum on December 8th. When family and friends ask where she and Sean are going for their honeymoon, the couple laughs and says, "To the URJ Biennial in San Diego, of course!" After all, that is where they met nearly four years ago. Read more »


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