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Assistant Camp Director, Sci-Tech East

The role of Assistant Director at 6 Points Sci-Tech is vital to the success of the organization. Our camp relies upon this professional as a key leader in all aspects of the camp’s functions including the camp program planning and implementation, logistics, staff training, trip planning, and more. The Assistant Director supports the work of the Camp Director in the design and execution of the camp program, in the recruitment and retention of campers and families, in the identification, hiring and training of staff members, in the oversight of critical operational areas, and in other work throughout the off-season and summer.  An Assistant Director at URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy is a key representative of the URJ Northeast Camps family, Eisner, Crane Lake, Sci-Tech, as well as NFTY and other URJ Youth Programs.

Essential Functions:

1) Leadership

  • At all times, maintain a complete and consistent presence as a leader within the camp community with respect to role modeling of institutional principles and Jewish values, supervision and accountability for all rules and procedures, and dedication in all respects to the camp’s mission and vision.

2) Camper Recruitment & Retention

  • Assistance with scheduling, coordination and facilitation of congregational visits throughout the country, home visits/parlor meetings, tours of camp, and other marketing and recruitment efforts.
  • Being a representative of the URJ Northeast Camps, Eisner, Crane Lake and Sci-Tech as well as all URJ specialty camps and summer programs.
  • Communications, correspondence and the provision of excellent customer service for all campers, families and various program participants in order to assure the highest retention possible.
  • Camper recruitment requires travel during weekends of peak recruitment periods.

3) Science and Technology Curriculum and Program Development

  • Develop the core elements and framework of the camp program which includes the key science/tech specialty areas, electives and major camp events.
  • Partner with lead instructors to implement a successful and high-level science and technology camp program for children ages 10-15.
  • Supervise staff and consultants responsible for development of camp program curricula. 

4) Staff Recruitment, Development, Training & Retention

  • Assistance with the design and marketing of staff positions, interview/hiring processes, and orientation and training.
  • Supervision of selected camp operational areas, to include evaluation, communication and accountability for staff members.  This may include workshop instructors, counselors, specialists, supervisors, support staff or other positions, as assigned.
  • Support of all programs to effectively develop staff members, including staff activities, professional development, consultation, and education.

5) Programming, Scheduling & Project Management

  • Assistance and support with the creation, planning, coordination and execution of camp programs, both summer and off-season, and the initiation and/or follow-through with projects for the benefit of camp, which may be related to existing areas of operations or new ideas. 
  • Plan engaging and awesome trips each summer related to camp’s areas of focus.
  • Preparation of camp for summer, including inventory management, purchasing, organization, setup and other related tasks.
  • Manage the daily schedule and any changes to the regular camp program
  • Partner with congregations to create innovative experiences that highlight science and technology with its connection to Judaism.

5) Engagement in Jewish Life at Camp

  • Support all Jewish Life programs, initiatives and efforts on a year-round basis.  This may include a role with various activities related to the daily schedule, Shabbat programs, congregational outreach, and other such efforts.

7) Safety and Security Compliance

  • In partnership with the camp director ensure that all safety and security policies and procedures are implemented according to URJ and Governor’s Academy standards.
  • Train staff on all safety and security procedures including but not limited to fire, weather, lock down and other safety precautions.

8) Additional Responsibilities

  • An integral part of the URJ Northeast Camps family representing Eisner Camp, Crane Lake Camp and  Sci-Tech throughout the northeast and collaborating with them on projects and events throughout the northeast.
  • Serve as a member of the URJ Camping System’s camping cohort, and its national staffing team.  Whenever possible, provide support and assistance to national efforts and initiatives of the URJ Camping System and the URJ in general, and play an active, visible role on the regional and national scene.  This will include opportunities for professional development and training.
  • Responsibilities within the URJ and URJ camping system require travel throughout the year.

Core Competencies:

Enthusiasm and Wow!

The Assistant Director should be someone who has an excitement, energy and drive to make camp successful. A great candidate will be able to stand in front of large groups of adults and children to inspire the magic of camp and ignite a spark of camp in young Reform Jewish. In a collaborative work setting, a great AD will love suggesting and listening to great ideas and quickly getting to work implementing them. During the summer, an excitement and energy for all of the camp chugim (electives) and for being around kids and  staff will propel this person to work hard and have fun! Through risk taking and trying new things this person will instill a sense of “Wonder and Wow” in others whether it be through a daily explosive science experiment or ruach (spirit) at song session. 

A “Can Do” Attitude

The position of AD is well-suited for someone looking to be a part of an exceptional organization, with an outlook that is positive, assertive and flexible.  A successful AD will be a person who is highly motivated and a self-starter, willing to try new things often, prepared to make mistakes and learn from them, and able to take on challenges with a sense that “I can do it”! A go-getter attitude and personality will help propel the team and the camp to the next level!

Exceptional Communication

The camp community (including parents of campers, staff members, alumni/ae, lay leaders and other supporters) is comprised of a diverse set of individuals, thus an Assistant Director (AD) must feel comfortable speaking with various individuals.  Strong communication skills and a relatable and professional manner will be essential.  As well, an AD will need to maintain open and effective communication with the Director and all Professional Staff to assure consistency, efficiency, and growth in the position. The AD must have strong presentation skills which includes a high level of comfort confidence, and enthusiasm in front of groups of children and parents. 

Customer Service

An AD will be interfacing with important constituents and clients via telephone, e-mail and face-to-face communication and must always be an effective representative for the camp and able to confidently share the vision for the camp and its program, and must do all possible – at all times – to provide a positive experience for those connected to 6 Points Sci-Tech.

Organizational Commitment & Knowledge

An AD must understand and support the mission and vision of the agency, and must understand the intricacies of its general operations and functions.  Beyond just the internal camp community, an AD will need to be well-versed in the general Jewish camping field, the URJ camp system, URJ congregations, and other related partners.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Background/Interest

The AD must have a working knowledge of science/technology areas. While the AD need not be an expert in all areas, the AD must have experience and/or formal education in one or more of the following areas: computer science, chemistry, engineering, biology, new media, animation, environmental science, physics, software development, app design, web design, graphic design, etc.  The AD must use this background to support staff and develop programs and curricula to be implemented throughout the summer and during the off-season.

Time Management, Organization, & Flexibility

The ability to focus time on tasks that are more likely to meet goals and are deemed priorities will be a key.  An AD must be able to assess the needs and opportunities for success, and must be willing to make changes “on the fly” as necessary, in partnership with the Director and other Professional Staff. The AD must be able to manage projects and maintain organizational skills in a multi-tasking environment.

Physical Requirements:

  • During working hours, must be able to be present in off-season office.
  • Must be able and available to travel for conferences, weekend recruitment events and training sessions.
  • Must be present at camp during the summer.
  • Participation in professional development programs, including annual conferences and gatherings, is expected.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate degree required.
  • Prior experience involving STEM or formal education in STEM areas is strongly preferred.
  • Significant experience in a camp environment and knowledge of Jewish camp trends and practices is strongly preferred.
  • Prior success in a camp setting and experience within a leadership role is preferred.
  • The ability to work independently and proactively, as well as capacity for effective written and verbal communications, is required.
  • Familiarity with Judaism and Jewish education (formal and/or informal) is highly desirable.
  • A high level of enthusiasm for making a difference in the lives of Jewish children, adults and families is an asset.
  • A knowledge of The Force to occasionally lift an X-Wing out of the mud; ability to identify more constellations than just the Big Dipper; or a healthy obsession with Mythbusters would be a bonus.


Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to

URJ Sci-Tech Academy - East
Lyndhurst , NJ
Youth Engagement
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Full Time
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
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