Katie Klein

Headshot of Katie Klein

Katie Klein, co-found of The Shalom Collaboration, began performing in Washington DC, with iMusical at the Washington Improv Theater and with friends at the DC Improv. She then moved to Chicago and trained at iO and Second City. She is a recent alumni of the Second City e.t.c stage, writing and performing in two reviews: Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno, and previously A Red Line Runs Through It. She performs improv with The Late 90’s, Virgin Daiquiri and Super Human and whenever she can with her incredible husband Neil in Ed and Kath. You can catch her in a few TV shows and commercials (The Red Line, Shrink, Joe Pera Talks with You, Chicago Justice, Work in Progress). She has worked for many years as a writer, facilitator, and designer of corporate communication training for different organizations; and loves it. You can hire her. She's really available right now. Learn more at thiskatieklein.com.