Young woman standing outside holding a sign that says GUN VIOLENCE IS PREVENTABLE with the NFTY and RAC logos

As NFTY and the Reform Movement undertake a reinvigorated campaign to help end gun violence in the United States, we've compiled a few tips and resources for teen activists who want to get involved. 

Colorful candles shaped like the number 10 lit atop a birthday cake

Looking back over the past 10 years, Jewish communities around the world have embraced Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month in February. 

Shelly Christensen
Hands holding a globe

Recently, the board of my congregation unanimously passed the Brit Olam, committing to act powerfully and together to bring upon the world we want.

Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker
Hands of people of different races holding up a globe

Learn how a new initiative, the Brit Olam, serves as a guidepost and a framework, helping congregations move social justice closer to the center of their communities.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Statue of Justice -- blindfolded with a sword in one hand and a scale in the other

Thanks to the Brickner Fellowship, I’ve become a social justice advocate, working with diverse organizations to address societal problems from multiple angles.

Rabbi Joseph B. Meszler
View from bimah of Consultation on Conscience 2017 participants filling sanctuary (including the balcony)

With more than 800 Reform Movement leaders and activists gathered at the 2017 Consultation on Conscience, the excitement to build a more just world was palpable.

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner
L'Taken participants celebrating Havdalah at the Lincoln Memorial

One of my favorite parts of each L’Taken Social Justice weekend is greeting each congregation's participants in front of the Capitol Building after the students have finished their Senate meetings and are on their way over to the House. The energy and impact are palpable.

Rabbi Michael Namath
View of empty sanctuary pews from pulpit with Bible on it

The Johnson Amendment, a national law restricting political activity in churches, synagogues, and other non-profit organizations, is making news as some preachers are using the pulpit to instruct their faithful how to vote. These clergy see the Johnson Amendment as a muzzle. They believe freedom of religion and freedom of speech mean the freedom to take worship time to express partisan political views.

Rabbi Dennis S. Ross
Group of people holding various handmade signs welcoming and supporting refugees

The concept of “sanctuary” congregations has many definitions and applications. In the 1980s, Reform Movement congregations provided sanctuary primarily to central Americans at risk of deportation.

the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Senator Jeff Sessions looking off camera

On February 1, 2017, join Reform Jews from across the United States who are calling their senators and urging them to oppose the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

Jacob Kraus