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Our synagogues need to be places where we heighten our awareness to aging issues so we can more fully engage Baby Boomers in all aspects of Jewish life.

Catherine Fischer
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Our synagogue runs a group for temple members aged 48 and up who are anticipating – or already experiencing – the challenges of growing older without family to rely upon for practical and emotional support.

Wendl Kornfeld

A growing aspect of my work with Jewish Sacred Aging – a forum for discussions on aging for Baby Boomers and their families – has been to work with congr

Rabbi Richard F. Address, D.Min
Older, more mature students in classroom setting

There are 550 lifelong learning programs like ours across the country, but what sets us apart is that all the others, to the best of our knowledge, are attached to a college or university. TILLI may be the first one connected to a religious institution.


Rhoada Wald
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With so much focus in the American Jewish community on engaging twentysomethings and families with young children, some wonder whe

Carol Wolf Solomon (St. Louis Jewish Light)