Audacious Hospitality

Audacious Hospitality

Group of smiling students posing together at a Shabbat dinner table

One way to support graduating high school seniors is to have them complete the URJ College Class of 2019 Form so they receive updates from the URJ about new programs, opportunities, and resources to stay connected to Reform Jewish life.

Evan Traylor
Rustic wood chuppah adorned with roses and greenery in a field with mountains in the background

Since Reform clergy are expert bridge-builders, it’s a natural to connect them to engaged couples for wedding officiation and Jewish engagement.

Rabbi Julie Zupan
Introduction to Judaism classes

Learn how the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) is expanding resources devoted to in-person offerings of A Taste of Judaism® and Introduction to Judaism classes.

Rabbi Julie Zupan
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The Wholly Jewish podcast from explores what we all have in common as we live and balance complex and nuanced identities. It’s these varied identities that, when braided together, make us wholly ourselves – and “Wholly Jewish.”

White computer keyboard featuring three blue buttons with varying disability symbols

Every February, Jewish communities worldwide join to advocate for inclusion of people with disabilities and mental health conditions to be active participants in Jewish life. 

Shelley Christensen
The author holding a Torah scroll on the bimah of Temple Emanu-El in Dothan, Alabama

The headline alone told me the story in The Washington Post would be about Temple Emanu-El, the congregation in Dothan, AL, where I had served as the rabbi for 10 years.

Rabbi Lynne Downey Goldsmith
Arrangement of hand weights, an orange, and a small chalkboard to record 2019 goals

Here are four ways we can start on the right track to make our communities healthier in 2019 when it comes to audacious hospitality.

April Baskin
Baby boomers involved in a synagogue band on the bimah

For congregation seeking to undertake or advance endeavors to engage baby boomers, here are four insights to keep in mind.  

Julie Lambert, RJE, and Stuart Himmelfarb
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To strengthen the leadership of Reform Jewish communities throughout North America, the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) is investing in 13 individuals as participants in the JewV’Nation Fellowship’s LGBTQIA+ Leadership Cohort. This program focuses on strengthening Reform Judaism by increasing opportunities for Reform Jewish communities to learn from and be led by Jewish leaders who identify as LGBTQIA+.

A welcome mat

As we strive for safety and awareness, it’s important to account for the diversity of individuals within our own community. During this time of mourning and heightened sensitivity, it may be easy to forget that our Jewish community comprises individuals who have many identities, including Jews of Color, LGBTQ Jews, and Jews with disabilities, among others.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs and April Baskin