Biennial 2015

Biennial 2015

Michael Douglas, April Baskin, Danny Meyer, Jodi Kantor

As director of the URJ Biennial, the number one question I’m asked is “How can we bring the magic of the Biennial to our whole congregation?”

Bringing Biennial Home is the answer!

Mark J. Pelavin

This week, the URJ's North American Board adopted three new resolutions, concluding the consultative and inclusive process that began before the Biennial. These resolutions add to the canon of hundreds of URJ resolutions that outline its values and priorities.

Jane E. Herman

On a Friday afternoon in early November, I got home from school, changed into a dress, and picked out my favorite cardigan.

Shir Attias

Spending five days with 5,000 Progressive Jews and the vice president of the United States of America is a rather special experience for a Jew from England, especially one raised in Germany.

Rabbi Lea Mühlstein

Following the formal conclusion of the URJ Biennial, a group of attendees spent Sunday volunteering with congregants from

Isaac Nuell

There’s a significant uptick of energy in the Jewish disability world right now.

Lisa Friedman
Small group of people having a discussion around a table

Although the URJ’s Biennial 2015 is behind us, those terrific five days in Orlando will resonate loudly and clearly for a long time to come.

Mark Pelavin

We come from many places
Hearts full of anticipation
Through terminals we move
Strangers and old friends
Young with quickened steps
Old with determination

Tina Alcala Salès

It’s a question at the forefront of our minds: How do we engage more teens in meaningful Jewish life and use social justice as a powerful engagement tool?

Rabbi Elizabeth Wood