Group of smiling college students wearing their university tee shirts and sweatshirts

Here are just a few ways that Reform Jewish college students can have the most rewarding, inclusive, and comfortable High Holidays experience this year.

The URJ College Leadership Team
Group of smiling students posing together at a Shabbat dinner table

One way to support graduating high school seniors is to have them complete the URJ College Class of 2019 Form so they receive updates from the URJ about new programs, opportunities, and resources to stay connected to Reform Jewish life.

Evan Traylor
Smiling college students with their arms around one another and nametags on their chests at a campus Shabbat service

How do you make college High Holiday services and programs engaging, welcoming, and meaningful? Here are five tips.

Jacob Gurvis
Recent HUC JIR Founders Fellows pose together

The Founders’ Fellows can teach us all about solving the problems in our own communities.

Rabbi Ana Bonnheim
Male and female graduating NFTY seniors with their arms around one another while wearing college tee shirts

As Jewish communal leaders, we can help guide these young people toward fun and meaningful Jewish experiences, no matter where their paths take them.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs and Evan Traylor
Group of smiling young adults on an overlook in Israel with the Jerusalem skyline behind them

Too often, returnees from Birthright Israel trips are bombarded with questions (and many times answers) about the impact of the trip on their lives. Here's what to ask instead.

Evan Traylor

I don’t have all of the answers about how to accomplish the challenge of engaging Jewish millennials, but here are three of the insights I have gained from simple conversations with them.

Evan Traylor

As a former rabbi for the Hillel at the University of Florida in Gainesville, I know firsthand that Jewish students are always touched by e-mails, bulletins, seasonal packages, and personal contact from their home congregations. If your synagogue is situated near a university, you can do even more to help students feel connected to their community and heritage. Here are 5 tips:

Andy Koren

New studies show that for emerging adults, whatever their background, providing them with the opportunities to learn about and engage with Jewish life during the college year appears essential to their developing a meaningful adult Jewish identity.  

Leonard Saxe and Fern Chertok

When millennial children of mixed-faith marriages are exposed to Jewish influences, they strengthen their Jewish identities to levels comparable to those of millennials with two Jewish parents, a n

Lauren Markoe (RNS)