congregational life

congregational life

Group of people in discussion around a table at the Day of Learning

Reflection, feedback, and evaluation are at the heart of our work, and have much to teach us. They also have implications for the work of congregational boards.

Vivian Gealer and Gila Hadani Ward
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 All of us are hurting as we try to make sense of the horrific and deadly attack on Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

the Union for Reform Judaism
The author with other members of the 2018 synagogue gala committee in 2018

My path to become a Jewish professional was circuitous, but through it, I became bat mitzvah, fulfilled my own spiritual needs, and made a difference in the world.

Paula Dwoskin Sitzer
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Executive committees can play a crucial role in the strategic leadership of congregations. Here’s a guide to what this committee should do – always, never, and sometimes.

By Amy Asin
Gears, each marked with various business words: Standards, Policies, Rules, etc.

To succeed today, congregations need to focus on developing appropriate governance structures that allow them to be both mission-driven and flexible.

Rabbi Esther L. Lederman
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Here are three ways that your congregation can take action through Reform Movement-wide social justice efforts that are grounded in our sacred and enduring Jewish values:

    Elizabeth Leff
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    Today, too many millennials associate being religious with values they don’t espouse. Should we therefore give up on millennials and Jewish life?

    Rabbi Rick Jacobs
    Wooden sign post with three directional signs: Values, Mission, and Vision

    Learn why foundational statements – mission, vision, and values statements – are critical for effective congregational governance.

    Amy Asin
    Small group gathering of members of Temple Shaaray Tefila in New York, NY

    Although Rosh HaShanah reminds us of God’s creation, the holiday also invites us to come together in community and to envision our legacy as co-creators.

    Rabbi Ilana Schachter