We know it’s important – and invaluable – to create a seat in the classroom for every child. But saying is easier than doing. How can we use the rules of improv to make inclusion happen in our congregations?

Shoshana Nyer
person with diability in a wheelchair participating in a program/event

At the heart of the Reform Movement’s commitment to the concept of “audacious hospitality” is the belief that we will be a stronger, more vibrant community when we fully integrate the diversity that is the reality – and the future – of modern Jewish life. Jewish Disability Advocacy and Inclusion Month give us the opportunity to strengthen our commitment to social change and highlight the need for ongoing awareness.

April Baskin

Named one of the URJ’s 27 Exemplar Congregations, Temple Sinai has been promoting disability awareness and inclusion long before the concept gained popularity.

Denise Sherer Jacobson

Rather than planning separate programming for people with disabilities, take a look at what your community already offers and view it through an inclusive lens. Ask, “What can we do to make this more inclusive?”

Cantor Faryn Kates Rudnick
welcome written in sand on the beach

As Jews, we know all people are created in the image of God, but seeing that Divine presence doesn’t happen simply because we wish it to be so. It takes intentionality to view each person, regardless of his or her differences, as unique and holy.

Rabbi Edythe Held Mencher, L.C.S.W. and Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner

While I realize that this kind of work doesn’t come naturally to everyone, I often take my own efforts for granted. I believe deeply in inclusion, so I make it a priority. You can make inclusion a priority, too.

Lisa Friedman

Exemplar Congregations understand that education is a key component of successfully becoming an inclusive congregation, and they have begun the often-challenging process of igniting the cultural change necessary to bring clergy, lay leadership, and congregants on board.

Joseph D. Robbins

The new Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month Guide provides many resources and ideas to assist your congregation in programming, whether in your own organization or as community-wide initiatives.

Shelley Christensen

There’s a significant uptick of energy in the Jewish disability world right now.

Lisa Friedman

Almost 40 years ago, Temple Israel Sisterhood in Memphis, TN, began a project with the Memphis City Schools’ summer prog

Debbie Jackson