disaster relief

disaster relief

Children playing together in a lounge area

On Sunday night, the Dallas/Fort Worth area was hit by severe thunderstorms, including multiple confirmed tornadoes, which devastated parts of Dallas and the surrounding communities and directly im

Kate Bigam Kaput
Hurricane as seen from overhead

As we watch the predictions and follow local authorities’ preparations for Hurricane Dorian, the URJ stands ready to assist congregations before, during, and after this expected storm.

Amy Asin
Silhouette of firefighters facing a blaze

As additional details become clear about how our community can best aid our California congregations, we will share that information here.

Kate Kaput
Hurricane as seen from outer space

As Hurricane Michael continues to leave widespread destruction throughout Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, here's how to stay up-to-date and offer assistance.

Mark J. Pelavin and Amy Asin
Cyclone as seen from above

As the damage of Hurricane Florence continues to accrue, we are checking in with affected congregations and updating our URJ community as to their needs.

Mark J. Pelavin and Amy Asin
Wildfires burning through brush

Please consider helping in the following ways, which will best serve those impacted by providing basic living essentials and relocation/emergency aid as the region begins to recover.

Kate Bigam
Charred remains of the physical location of URJ Camp Newman beneath hazy skies with mountains in the background and a painted Star of David still visible on them

The Jewish star on the hill that overlooks Camp Newman has survived. What a fitting symbol for this moment. 

Alaina Yoakum
Wooden gate over the trees at URJ Camp Newman reading MAY YOU BE BLESSED AS YOU GO ON YOUR WAY SHALOM

The Reform Jewish Movement received devastating news last night upon learning that URJ Camp Newman's physical location was all but destroyed by wildfires.

Kate Bigam
Car smashed under a downed tree in damage after a hurricane

To all those facing challenges as we begin 5778, we know you join us in praying for peace, wholeness, and health for everyone. 

    Mark J. Pelavin and Amy Asin
    Satellite view of Hurricane Irma over Florida and the Caribbean

    As the storm waters from Hurricane Irma recede, the full extent of her impact is becoming more and more apparent. 

    Mark J. Pelavin & Amy Asin