Mom holding daughter on her lap while they look at a laptop from the sofa

Caring for each other, as well as for our children, families, and staff, doesn’t stop when challenges surface. But it is also during these difficult times that we reinvent ourselves and meet the needs of our community more than ever.   

Cathy Rolland, RJE
Open Torah scroll with reading pointing a silver yad at the text

Learn from one of his students about Rabbi Reuven Samuels, z”l, who was instrumental in founding Reform Judaism in Israel.

Rabbi Ofek Meri
The author and her students creating the sea turtle poster

After my daughter took a sea turtle rescue and conservation tour last summer, she came home with one takeaway: “Mom, the plastic straws have got to go!”

Carolyn Hoera
Closeup of a person holding a globe under their arm like a soccer ball

Here is my plan, all or parts of which you may wish to replicate in your own congregation in the days to come, along with additional resources for Jewish educators.

Michelle Shapiro Abraham
Female teen surrounded by three younger kids

Synagogue professional need to find ways to communicate to our families that we will provide the resources to ensure their children get a Jewish education.

Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer
Large green pencil with green point writing the word Yes.

To help students and families balance Jewish education with other activities, Temple Beth-El in Providence, RI, says “yes” whenever possible. Here’s how they do it.

Rabbi Sarah Mack, Joie Magnone and Rachel Mersky Woda
NFTY Teenagers

I thought Thursday, September 8th was going to be a typical Thursday evening on a call with teens - an hour-long call in which we'd likely encounter some tech problems, side conversations, and background distractions before everyone rushed off to their next commitment.

Beth Lipschutz
Beth Emet Fronteras Trip Photos

This spring, Abby Backer brought a group of teens to the US-Mexico border for an immersive learning experience about immigration. How did this experience become part of a Jewish teen program in Chicago?

Abby Backer
Bendy childrens toys in primary colors with cartoony smiling faces

We have been talking a lot about “happiness” in Jewish education lately. Let’s begin by owning that the term “happiness” is challenging. In our vernacular it has a shallow and trivial connotation.

Michelle Shapiro Abraham
Group of adults and children with disabilities together lighting a twisted Havdalah candle

As our students became b’nei mitzvah, and read, spoke, or used the computer to enhance their communication, the community saw how much effort they had put into learning Judaism; the entire community was reminded of its own obligation and joy in educating all of the next generation. 

Dr. Ruth Nemzoff