Picture of green burial lots in the congregation's cemetery

Baltimore Hebrew Congregation’s commitment to environmental stewardship includes offering a green burial option. It’s  the first Jewish congregation in the area to do so.

Jo Ann Windman
trees and leaves in sunshine

When a group of us – congregants from University Synagogue in Los Angeles, CA – attended the Consultation on Conscience a few years ago, we learned about the GreenFaith Energy Shield, a program that encourages faith communities to reduce their carbon footprint. We returned home ready to put our faith into action.

Julie Bank
Colorful recycling bins against green grass

Our role as custodians and stewards of God’s earth is to protect and preserve the ecology and environment as best we can.

the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Graphic of a hand holding a lightbulb that appears to contain a mountain and windmills

There are a multitude of options to get your community involved in climate change and environmentalism. Here are just three ways to get started:

Liz Mitlak

This High Holidays season, as we think about racial justice and voting rights this late summer and fall, we’re also thinking about other key issues that are important to repairing our broken world and combating racial injustice.

By Sarah Greenberg

Leading your own synagogue Shabbat hike is incredibly easy. In just 10 steps – simple but effective – you can embark on a moving spiritual experience. And, as we discovered on Congregation Or Ami’s own Shabbat hikes, the journey is inspiring and refreshing.

Rabbi Paul Kipnes

Each year, the Glencoe Community Garden grows approximate 2,000 to 3,000 pounds of organic vegetables, all to be donated to food pantries and other non-profit agencies in the Chicago area.

Frederick Miller