families with young children

families with young children

Bright and airy desktop with a laptop screen open to an animated Shaboom Shabbat video

The Union for Reform Judaism is honored to announce that BimBam’s library of more than 400 original videos will remain online and be integrated onto our educational website, ReformJudaism.org.

Cathy Rolland
Wooden blocks spelling chance with a hand changing the C to a G to spell change

In retrospect, expanding our early learning program was the first step in transforming how our congregation applies our “why” and meaningfully measures our “what.”

Lori Kowit and Rabbi Stacy Schlein
Preschoolers and a few adults sitting on the steps of a bimah

When 13 congregations joined the URJ Full-Time Early Education Community of Practice (CoP) to learn, experiment, and network together, these were the takeaways.

Nancy Bossov, RJE
Closeup of the lights atop a police car

 All of us are hurting as we try to make sense of the horrific and deadly attack on Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

the Union for Reform Judaism
Childrens hands touching one adult hand

Here is my plan, all or parts of which you may wish to replicate in your own congregation in the days to come

Anne Berman-Waldorf
Closeup of a person holding a globe under their arm like a soccer ball

Here is my plan, all or parts of which you may wish to replicate in your own congregation in the days to come, along with additional resources for Jewish educators.

Michelle Shapiro Abraham
Scrabble type letters spelling out the word CHANGE

The world around us is changing faster than ever. To stay relevant and thrive, change will be necessary in all congregations, even those that are doing well.

Amy Asin
Two pre-school girls looking through magnifying glasses at objects on a table

You’re motivated to engage families with young children. Where can you find information about their interests, needs, ideas about meaningful Jewish experiences, and more?

Jennie Nerenberg
Tot Shabbat attendee with his father's hand on his head for a blessing

Tot Shabbat was always part of our synagogue programming, but often ended with kids running laps in the sanctuary. Our clergy team strived for something better.

Rabbi Daniel Mikelberg and Cantor Katie Oringel
Graduating seniors standing behind fifth graders as they pass candles down to the younger class

As our seniors said goodbye to their current relationship with the community, they inspired our fifth graders to say hello to their new relationship and leadership in the community. 

Becky Oliver