High Holidays

High Holidays

Open palm outstretched to golden fall leaves and sunshine

Fear grips many of us. What awaits us when we join together during the Yamim Nora-im is an oasis of hope and spiritual renewal. If we can conquer our fear, awe awaits us.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Smiling female rabbi holding a guitar and facing a congregation

As the High Holidays are approaching, we know your congregational leadership is working hard to prepare for a meaningful holiday season.

Daphne Macy
Man blowing a shofar high into the air in front of a white background

We want everyone in our communities to feel safe, including those from marginalized backgrounds, and therefore we must acknowledge that the best security practices are unified with principles related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Amy Asin and Chris Harrison
Group of teens and adults facing forward sitting in pews

Looking for innovative opportunities to engage your teens around the High Holidays? These 10 ideas come directly from the source – youth professionals across North America.

Smiling college students with their arms around one another and nametags on their chests at a campus Shabbat service

How do you make college High Holiday services and programs engaging, welcoming, and meaningful? Here are five tips.

Jacob Gurvis
Unlit white memory candle in a glass votive against a black backdrop

The whole memory book project was transformed before our eyes. What was originally considered to be merely office minutia and fundraising became what it truly was: sacred work.

Rebecca Carlson
Apple shaped bowl of honey with a honey dipper in it and half an apple on a table next to it

I hope you will enjoy all these sermons and find them as meaningful as I did. You can – and should – get the full context by reading the linked sermon.

Mark J. Pelavin
Kutz teens writing letters

As we slip into Elul, thoughts about the holidays are swirling in my head. I’m an educator who loves using the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as a tool to advance self-reflection, interpersonal dynamics, and building resilient teams. For me, this time of year is an especially unique dance between introversion and extroversion, moving in and out of our comfort zones with our Jewish values embracing us along the way. At URJ Kutz Camp, we focus year-round on supporting teen leadership development. During this time of year especially, we are pleased to share resources to encourage conversation between teens and adults.

Melissa Frey
Tallit, machzor (High Holiday prayer book), traditional head covering, and shofar

For the Jewish community, the balmy days of summer are far from relaxing, perhaps never more so than this year, as we grappled with the meaning of the

Rabbi Rick Jacobs