Interfaith Family

Interfaith Family

New studies show that for emerging adults, whatever their background, providing them with the opportunities to learn about and engage with Jewish life during the college year appears essential to their developing a meaningful adult Jewish identity.  

Leonard Saxe and Fern Chertok

There are many creative ways to include all members of an interfaith family and those connected to them.

Natalie Berhumoglu

To meet April Baskin is to see the change in American Jewry personified.

Allison Kaplan Sommer (Haaretz)

When millennial children of mixed-faith marriages are exposed to Jewish influences, they strengthen their Jewish identities to levels comparable to those of millennials with two Jewish parents, a n

Lauren Markoe (RNS)

Hanukkah and the secular new year are a special time in the calendar year; many congregations begin a new fiscal cycle, and many individuals face the so-called “December Dilemma.” Here, we highlight a few resources that may be of use to your congregation at this time. They can all be found in The Tent, the Reform Movement’s new communication and collaboration platform website:

  • Download customizable brochures to share with prospective members and at congregational events. This free gift from the URJ is available year-round, not just at Hanukkah! Our What’s Missing from Our Congregation?… You! brochures include general information about Reform Judaism, but also allow you to incorporate personal quotes about what makes your congregation special. We’ll design the camera-ready brochures with your congregational information – all you need to do is provide us with it!