Rabbi Jonah Pesner speaking from a podium

On Thursday, Reverend Hurmon Hamilton and Rabbi Jonah Pesner led a conversation in the Whitney Humanities Center about how people of faith can come together to advocate for justice.

Khue Tran (Yale Daily News)
Posed group of smiling Jewish and Muslim teens

We encounter a world with increasing acts of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. If we can just learn to speak to one another, to appreciate our similarities and understand our differences, we might be able to make this world a better place.

Rabbi Paul Jacobson
Flowers and notes of support delivered from Muslim NYU students to Jewish NYU students

These have been difficult days for our Jewish community, as we witness waves of hate and bigotry infecting our country.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
heart comprised of different size and color pebbles

With the winter holidays approaching, many Jewish parents – in our community and others – face the annual task of reminding our children’s teachers that not all students celebrate Christmas.

Stephanie Butler

In January of this year, in almost a spark of impulse, I founded the Interfaith Council of the Caribbean. By “founded,” I simply mean I decided there was going to be one. First, I created a Facebook page, a logo, a header, and a mission, then I went to work, sending personalized invitations to all the faith leaders I knew and inviting them to join.

Rabbi Michael E. Harvey

In an extraordinary display of unity, a broad cross-section of American Jewish organizations - including the Reform Movement - joined together to declare this coming Shabbat, June 26th, to be

The heads of Jewish and Christian organizations and denominations met in an unprecedented summit in New York City today to discuss strategies to strengthen and maintain relationships even in the face of significant disagreements. The gathering to discuss relationships and how we treat each other was the first to bring together these groups since a letter was sent on October 5, 2012 by Christian groups calling on Congress to investigate Israel's use of U.S. military aid.

At today's meeting, participants made a commitment to developing an effective and ongoing national dialogue of Christian and Jewish leaders: