Israel Religious Action Center

Israel Religious Action Center

Rabbi Rick Jacobs visits with Heller High students in Israel

On a brief trip to Israel last week, I met with leaders, students, and colleagues -- all to build ties between North American Jews and the land and people of Israel.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Fingers giving the peace sign in front of an Israeli flag

In this week’s parashah, we read one of the most famous lines of the Torah, incredibly apt as we view the challenges that lie ahead.

Rabbi Josh Weinberg
URJ board mission participants in front of Israeli flags on flag polls

North America’s Reform Jews have an opportunity to join with friends and colleagues in Israel who seek a Judaism that is inclusive, and reflects our shared values.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Reform activist Anat Hoffman being arrested at the Western Wall

One year ago, we thought we had made history.

Anat Hoffman

On Wednesday, September 21st, Reform Jewish leaders will host a webinar to discuss the ongoing situation at the Western Wall.

Kate Bigam

In recent days, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community has been under a blistering attack by various political and social groups. On the eve of the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade, whose theme this year will be a memorial to 16-year-old Shira Banki, who was stabbed to death at last year's parade by an ultra-Orthodox extremist, there is a heavy feeling in the LGBT community.v

Rabbi Noa Sattath

During a crisis, we collaborated with Reform leadership on aspects of our response from diplomacy and communications to social media and public relations. Every one of the 900 North American Reform congregations should recognize and value the range of expertise and resources available within the URJ’s congregational network.

Rabbi Mona Alfi

Rabbi Mona Alfi, the senior rabbi of Congregation B'nai Israel in Sacramento, CA, sent a letter today to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressing “great concern and distress” about the detainment of Lesley Sachs, director of Women of the Wall, at the Kotel today.

Kate Bigam

Figures show that an offensive statement against the Arab public is posted every 6 minutes, while a call for actual physical violence is posted every 27 minutes.

Tal Ariel-Amir (Ma'ariv)

The compromise will bridge a festering schism between Israel and American Jewry, who have voiced concern about the government’s failure to recognize their authenticity and their needs. The hope is that the Western Wall will be an enduring symbol of Jewish unity, not fractious division.