Jewish holidays

Jewish holidays

Passover seder setup with a small chalkboard that reads Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof

During Passover, the annual season of celebrating our redemption from slavery and oppression, we are confronted with the juxtaposition of our own freedom and the recognition of those who are still facing injustice in our modern world.

Rabbi Elizabeth Zeller and Alexa Broida
Chocolate cakepops with different kinds of sprinkles

At this glorious time of year when we shift from winter to spring and recognize the torment and ultimate triumphs of our ancient Jewish ancestors, why not add a twist to tradition and celebrate the Passover holiday with one of God’s true miracles... chocolate?

Lisa Segal
Three pre-teen girls in colorful hats and feathered boas

No matter how you go about producing your Purim celebration, don’t forget that it’s a religious imperative to make people laugh on Purim (or to die trying).

Rabbi Billy Dreskin
trees and leaves in sunshine

When a group of us – congregants from University Synagogue in Los Angeles, CA – attended the Consultation on Conscience a few years ago, we learned about the GreenFaith Energy Shield, a program that encourages faith communities to reduce their carbon footprint. We returned home ready to put our faith into action.

Julie Bank
Fully lit hanukkiyah

In his essay, “The Legacy of the Maccabees,” Dr. Shaye Cohen writes: “From the perspective of world history and Jewish history, the Hasmonean (Maccabean) revolt was epoch making.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Fully lighted menorah with red candles

A Hanukkah bazaar is a great fundraiser and gets your congregants thinking about their Hanukkah shopping and can give an early boost to your Judaica shop. It’s a wonderful opportunity to involve your temple family!

Kay Schachter

We love when congregations make hilarious videos like these, and we wanted to put them in one place to help you get in the chag spirit.

Marissa Solomon