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Jewish Life

Trophy on its side with confetti spilling out

Meet eight award-winning congregations that have developed innovative programs rooted in the concepts of audacious hospitality that also engage and retain members. 

Chris Harrison
Two students, backs to the camera, wrapped together in an Israeli flag

Here are eight things one congregation does to engage with Israel. Your congregation can do them, too.

Rabbi Billy Dreskin and Rabbi Mara Young
Scrabble tiles spelling out the word change with a random assortment of tiles surrounding the word

As congregational leaders, any change we introduce requires us to understand the experience of the individuals in our community and help them navigate through the change.

Julie Lambert, RJE, and Rabbi Janet Offel
Cardboard cutout of house held up by hands; sunlight streaming in the windows

Although my wife and I relocated to southern California three years ago, we left many friends at our “former synagogue,” although I do not like referring to it that way.

Jared Goldin
Parents blessing their children at a Shabbat dinner program knows as Challah in the ‘Chood,

Learn how one congregation with geographically dispersed members maximized its reach in a world with increasing competition for people’s time and energy.

Rabbi Joel Simon
Open Torah scroll with reading pointing a silver yad at the text

Learn from one of his students about Rabbi Reuven Samuels, z”l, who was instrumental in founding Reform Judaism in Israel.

Rabbi Ofek Meri
Rabbi Dena Feingold with her brother and sister-in-law at the tree dedication at her congregation in Wisconsin

Our congregation dedicated a living memorial, a tree, to “keep alive” the memory of those who lost their lives to hate and violence at the Pittsburgh synagogue last fall.

Rabbi Dena A. Feingold
Visitors viewing an exhibit at the museum

For decades, the Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot has gathered resources that tell the story of the world’s Jews. Now, add your community to the collection.

Shulamith Bahat
Happy teens posing together at summer camp

While your youth may physically leave the building during the summer, the sense of community you’ve built all year long will stay with them as they venture across the globe. Here are some suggestions for how to stay connected this summer.

Elena Paull
Rainbow Pride flag against a blue sky

During Pride Month, members of the URJ’s JewV’Nation Fellowship LGBTQIA+ Cohort talk about what makes them feel most welcome in Jewish spaces – and how our communities can do and be even better going forward.

Chris Harrison