Jewish Life

Jewish Life

Campers sit on a bench with their arms around one another and their backs to the camera as they sit in a circle with camp in the background

It is not often I get to visit one place that holds all the best parts of what the Reform Movement has to offer – but Kutz is certainly such a place.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Students with gun violence prevention signs

In the last month, we have witnessed powerful action around gun safety by youth leaders throughout the country – including in our own congregation. Here’s why.

Barri Waltcher
Bar mitzvah boy and rabbi holding a bag full of lunches

When a colleague told me guests at his daughter’s bat mitzvah would pack grains and canned goods for the homeless, I was nonplussed. His explanation changed my thinking.

Rabbi David N. Young
Young woman in profile, wearing sunglasses and earbuds

Dan Libenson and Lex Rofeberg in their podcast “Judaism Unbound” feature several Reform Jewish leaders discussing ideas about Jewish life today -- and tomorrow.

Jane E. Herman
Mother and two children at Chofshi B'Manhattan event at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in New York, NY

During a recent bar mitzvah, 40 iPhones stared at me from the pews as my congregation intersected with an Israeli family living abroad.

Rabbi Diana Fersko
Map of Canada and US; flag of each country is superimposed over the land mass

A longtime Canadian Reform leader asks: Can Canadians and Americans feel connected to one Jewish movement? Can they feel equally represented by a single organization?

Paul Leszner
White heart-shaped flowers hanging from a stem

Selichot is the overture for our High Holidays, a chance to focus on meaning, tradition, faith, and striving to reach that spot in the heart where no one else can go.

Rabbi Stacy Offner
Butcher paper that reveals words through a tear: What's your story?

Inviting people to share memories of interesting, meaningful experiences in their lives – especially on Yom Kippur – always proves to inspire others.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Large green pencil with green point writing the word Yes.

To help students and families balance Jewish education with other activities, Temple Beth-El in Providence, RI, says “yes” whenever possible. Here’s how they do it.

Rabbi Sarah Mack, Joie Magnone and Rachel Mersky Woda
Man and woman playing guitars and singing while leading worship services

Once the High Holidays are over, I’m often left wondering what we can we do to get people back into the sanctuary before the next Rosh HaShanah rolls around.

Cantor Lizzie Weiss