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 All of us are hurting as we try to make sense of the horrific and deadly attack on Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

the Union for Reform Judaism
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Imagine if PM Benjamin Netanyahu, as he begins his remarks to next week in Tel Aviv, decided to honor true dialogue - and not the teleprompter.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs & Rabbi Gilad Kariv
Young people pose and smile

Surveys continue to portend dread about non-affiliation among young Jews, but Reform millennials and the 20s and 30s communities they’re creating are bucking that trend.

Sam Rubin
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Here are three ways that your congregation can take action through Reform Movement-wide social justice efforts that are grounded in our sacred and enduring Jewish values:

    Elizabeth Leff
    Tile floor with a pair of jean-clad legs and sneaker-clad feet taking a step forward in the direction of an arrow that is a few inches off the floor

    Today, too many millennials associate being religious with values they don’t espouse. Should we therefore give up on millennials and Jewish life?

    Rabbi Rick Jacobs
    Campers sit on a bench with their arms around one another and their backs to the camera as they sit in a circle with camp in the background

    It is not often I get to visit one place that holds all the best parts of what the Reform Movement has to offer – but Kutz is certainly such a place.

    Rabbi Rick Jacobs
    Students with gun violence prevention signs

    In the last month, we have witnessed powerful action around gun safety by youth leaders throughout the country – including in our own congregation. Here’s why.

    Barri Waltcher
    Bar mitzvah boy and rabbi holding a bag full of lunches

    When a colleague told me guests at his daughter’s bat mitzvah would pack grains and canned goods for the homeless, I was nonplussed. His explanation changed my thinking.

    Rabbi David N. Young
    Young woman in profile, wearing sunglasses and earbuds

    Dan Libenson and Lex Rofeberg in their podcast “Judaism Unbound” feature several Reform Jewish leaders discussing ideas about Jewish life today -- and tomorrow.

    Jane E. Herman