Jewish Values

Jewish Values

Metal compass on a wooden surface

As we struggle to consider all our options in this ever-changing environment, we strive to make decisions using a values-based matrix that will help us to act in a consistent manner that is in line with Jewish tradition and modern sensibility.

Rabbi Joseph R. Black
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​Help your members stay engaged with their Judaism from home by sharing helpful, relevant, and interesting Jewish content on your social media channels, congregational website, email communications, and more. Here's a list to get you started.

Kate Kaput
Empty synagogue pews

Recently, our synagogue leaders found itself in a similar position to Nachson. With news that coronavirus had reached our community, we stood between a known threat and unknown consequences. 

By Rabbi Ilana G. Baden and Alison Siegel Lewin
Large congregational group holding the Israeli flag and WE LOVE ISRAEL signs while standing on a synagogue bimah

If we want to strengthen progressive Judaism worldwide, we must swim upstream. There is no single better way to support Progressive, Liberal, and Reform Judaism in every corner of the globe than casting a ballot for “Vote Reform” in the American election to the World Zionist Congress. 

Andrew Keene
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Thanks to the Foundation for Jewish Camp, seven of our URJ camps have received grants to make their grounds and programming as accessible to as many campers and visitors as possible.

Chris Harrison
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Given the upcoming 30th anniversary of the ADA, it is time for synagogues that need to move toward becoming fully inclusive and accessible to make a start.

Sheri Denkensohn-Trott
Silhouette of a hand dropping a ballot into a ballot box in front of an Israeli flag

You can make aliyah and vote in the Knesset. Or you can help us have a say in where the public money of the Jewish people goes. Here’s how you can: Vote in the World Zionist Congress Elections.

Rabbi Joshua Weinberg
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People with disabilities and mental health conditions, and those who love them, just want what everyone else wants – to belong.

Shelly Christensen
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At long last, the World Zionist Congress (WZC) elections are here, and voting has begun!

Alexandra Gilbert
Activists marching in a rally and holding a Religious Action Center banner

From policy victories, to activating our base, to driving the narrative around Jewish values in the public square, here is a sample of the RAC’s impact in a few of our priority areas.

Arno Rosenfeld