Leadership Development

Leadership Development

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The URJ offers valuable resources and opportunities to get new congregational presidents off on the right foot. Here are six key areas in which we can help.

Amy Asin
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A culture of philanthropy focuses on our sacred responsibility to provide Jewishly meaningful experiences that place the donor – not the congregation – at the center.

Rabbi Louis Feldstein, Michael H. Goldberg, and Robin Riegelhaupt
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Here are some useful answers to one of the questions congregational leaders ask most: “How can we find new leaders?”

Lisa Lieberman Barzilai, RJE
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To ensure your new board gets up to speed effectively, here are things to do before, during, and after a board orientation.

Leah King Kaufman, Moriah Benjoseph Nassau, and Gila Hadani Ward
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Remember: It may sometimes be difficult, but ultimately, you’re doing this for the good of the congregation and its ability to redirect resources to priority areas.

Amy Asin
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Feeling undeserving of success or belonging with peers is sometimes called “impostor syndrome.” Learn three techniques to curb it and be a better Jewish leader.

Chris Harrison
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In preparation for the launch of a new course, we reflected on the feedback from past participants about which course concepts impacted participants most.

Amy Asin and Julie Lambert, RJE
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Nominating candidates who can effectively be involved in the three modes of governance is very important. Here are three board roles you should have that you may not have thought about.

Amy Asin
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February is a time we especially foster leadership at the Union for Reform Judaism, shining a light on the role individuals play to strengthen our sacred community.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
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How can we work with more transparency and be more collaborative in our work?

Larry Glickman