mental health

mental health

Young campers facing away from the camera with their arms around one anothers shoulders

Thanks to the Foundation for Jewish Camp, seven of our URJ camps have received grants to make their grounds and programming as accessible to as many campers and visitors as possible.

Chris Harrison
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Here's why Congregation Or Ami focused our energies on creating a mental health and wellness retreat for teens.

Rabbi Paul Kipnes
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Learn how two Belin Award-winning congregations worked to make those already in their communities feel more included, “seen,” and understood.

Toby Singer
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As a rabbi, I’ve seen many lives effected by mental illness. I’ve also seen its stigma keep many from getting needed support. In my congregation, we sought to change that.

Rabbi Stacy Friedman
Concerned mom look over her teen daughters shoulder as the teen looks at the screen of her laptop

Dear Evan Hansen13 Reasons Why. Both of these shows have captured the attention and imagination of those of us who work with and treasure teens.

Dr. Betsy Stone

Adolescent suicide is on the rise in the United States, and data indicates that suicide is a communicable disease, with one spurring others. No community is exempt: Suicide impacts our congregations, our clergy, and our camps.

Betsy Stone

A growing aspect of my work with Jewish Sacred Aging – a forum for discussions on aging for Baby Boomers and their families – has been to work with congr

Rabbi Richard F. Address, D.Min
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Many congregants suffering from mental illness choose not to seek support from fellow congregants or even clergy, and some leave congregations or don’t join in the first place because the feel they will never be accepted. There's an overwhelming need for safe, supportive groups where people with mental illness can reveal their stories, explore a spiritual connection to Judaism, and engage in social support with others dealing with similar situations.

Diana MaKieve

Our Jewish tradition commands that we not stand by while our brothers and sisters suffer. That’s why the Reform Movement is joining with others across the world to provide information that offers both help and hope – especially during May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month.

Rabbi Edythe Held Mencher, L.C.S.W.