Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

House with damage from hurricane/beach erosion

Although Harvey and Irma has dissipated, countless individuals and numerous Reform congregations were affected by the storms. Their needs will continue for months.

Mark J. Pelavin
Satellite view of Hurricane Irma over Florida and the Caribbean

As the storm waters from Hurricane Irma recede, the full extent of her impact is becoming more and more apparent. 

Mark J. Pelavin & Amy Asin
Group of smiling volunteers including some in military uniforms posing with large boxes in a cement warehouse

This is a story about five rabbis, 25,000 pairs of new undergarments and the powerful cross-country connections that delivered dignity and comfort to grateful hurricane evacuees.

Connie Dufner
Palm trees bending against strong winds as ocean water laps against them in a storm

As this week comes to a close and we prepare to welcome Shabbat, we’d like to share an update on the Reform Movement’s work in responding to Hurricane Harvey. 

Mark J. Pelavin & Amy Asin
Satellite view of Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas

We are now starting to get accurate reports of the damage – and they are staggering. Building on our initial response, here are a few new developments and details.

Mark J. Pelavin
Texas flag painted onto textured aluminum

We are reaching out to all Reform-affiliated congregations in the affected area to provide assistance as appropriate. 

Mark J. Pelavin

As a trained professional first responder, I’ve been taught how to deal with potentially impending crisis – and I’ve been through many of them. The URJ helped me through this one.

Richard Holtz

As we celebrate Sukkot this year, our world is experiencing a fierce progression of refugees and migrants who are wandering and homeless, nationless, and destitute, encased in fear and uncertainty, fleeing the ills of civil war, natural disaster, poverty, and political insurrection. Indeed, for massive numbers of people in our world, wandering and the impermanence of temporary shelter are all they have.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

I’m grateful this community has welcomed us and allowed us to do our part to aid them, and I’m counting on the support of our entire community to help get the Baton Rouge area back on its feet. Want to help?

Anna Herman

Donations are being accepted by the Jewish Federations of Canada – UIA Alberta Fire Relief Fund. Here's how to donate.

Barbara Weinstein