Parents blessing their children at a Shabbat dinner program knows as Challah in the ‘Chood,

Learn how one congregation with geographically dispersed members maximized its reach in a world with increasing competition for people’s time and energy.

Rabbi Joel Simon
Closeup of seated middle aged man and woman holding hands

Our synagogues need to be places where we heighten our awareness to aging issues so we can more fully engage Baby Boomers in all aspects of Jewish life.

Catherine Fischer
Smiling teens eating apples dipped in honey

Here are four ways to strengthen your congregation by intentionally welcoming children and teens into your holiday observance.

Miriam Chilton
Closeup of a My Name Is nametag with MILLENNIAL where the name would be

Jewish leaders capable of making change in their communities should know the following about the millennial generation. 

Evan Traylor
Group of adults and children wearing Temple Israel shirts and carrying a Torah outdoors

Here are five reasons why summer – and summer services, in particular – are the perfect time to try out some new inclusion-oriented programming.

    Toby Singer
    Welcome written on a wooden sign with flowers

    My congregation received a grant to help with advertising costs for A Taste of Judaism® course and it has transformed my work to welcome people to the Jewish community.

    Rabbi Ethan Bair
    Two hands forming each side of a heart held up against a sunset

    Transgender and gender non-conforming youth are cherished members of our community, but only during the past few years has the organized Jewish community undertaken concerted, large-scale efforts to communicate our acceptance and love.

    Dr. Patrick Rock and Carly Goldberg

    The JewV’Nation Fellowship represents the belief that a healthy Jewish people is possible only when individual Jews and their loved ones are included.

    April Baskin

    Not everyone I know attended the URJ Biennial, but it felt that way.

    Rabbi Leah Berkowitz

    Here are a few steps congregations can take to increase matterness and begin to close the gap between the values synagogues espouse and the experience of potential and existing members:

    Allison Fine