View of seder table and people celebrating

For individuals handling addiction and in recovery, the act of engaging with others as part of Jewish holidays and celebrations can be difficult.

Chris Harrison
Diverse people and ideas flowing into cogs that sit in the palm of a woman's hand

As leaders, it is incumbent upon us to harness the strength and creativity that comes from diversity to focus and guide our congregations – and our sederim.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
JewV'Nation Fellow Marques Hollie

Marques Hollie has created Go Down Moshe, a performative retelling of the story of the Exodus, which includes Negro spirituals and text drawn from first-person slave narratives.

Toby Singer
Passover seder setup with a small chalkboard that reads Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof

During Passover, the annual season of celebrating our redemption from slavery and oppression, we are confronted with the juxtaposition of our own freedom and the recognition of those who are still facing injustice in our modern world.

Rabbi Elizabeth Zeller and Alexa Broida
Chocolate cakepops with different kinds of sprinkles

At this glorious time of year when we shift from winter to spring and recognize the torment and ultimate triumphs of our ancient Jewish ancestors, why not add a twist to tradition and celebrate the Passover holiday with one of God’s true miracles... chocolate?

Lisa Segal

How can our congregations help support Women of the Wall?

Andrea Gingold
A Passover Seder Table

Should we avoid prickly subjects at the seder? Steer clear of talk about candidates, platforms, policies and anything potentially objectionable for the sake of a happy holiday?

Rabbi Rick Jacobs